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Race Elemental
Birthplace Murasa, Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Phylath is an elemental from Murasa, Zendikar.


Elementals are physical incarnations of the primal natural forces that make up the plane of Zendikar. Many are pieces of the plane—plateaus, islands, or expanses of water awakened to fight the Eldrazi. The longer the Eldrazi rampaged across the plane, the more active and violent these elementals became, and the destruction of the Eldrazi has not entirely settled them. Phylath is the exception. From the moment of its "birth," Phylath has only created—never destroyed. Deep within Murasa, Phylath tends to a peculiar little garden, one populated by living plants it has cultivated. It tends to this small society with a delicate touch never before seen in an elemental. Is Phylath a strange aberration? Or is Zendikar itself changing? [1]

In-game references[]

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