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The Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria began after millennia of planning by the dark god Yawgmoth, as the culmination of the Weatherlight Saga.


The first stage of the invasion began with advance strikes by Phyrexian forces led by Tsabo Tavoc, aimed to secure crucial locations and to destroy key sources of resistance.[1] This stage met with mixed success for Phyrexia, destroying Benalia, Tolaria and New Argive, gaining Urborg, but losing the battles for Koilos, Yavimaya, and the oceans.

The second stage began with the intersection of the planes of Rath and Dominaria. Rath overlaid on top of Dominaria, bringing the massed legions of Phyrexians that occupied Rath into existence across the world. This instantly retook Koilos and sparked major battles across the globe. The main battle of the invasion began at this point as the various armies of the Coalition tried to liberate Urborg by destroying the Stronghold.[2] This took many days of fighting, but eventually the various parts of the Coalition were able to fight towards the Stronghold and besiege it. During this stage, the Nine Titans also launched a counterattack against Phyrexia itself.

The final stage of the invasion saw Yawgmoth arrive to take Dominaria personally. He appeared as a black cloud of death and reanimated every dead thing on the plane (including the soil) to serve as his army. Yawgmoth seemed to have an easy victory at hand, but he was stopped when the Legacy was completed through the sacrifice of Urza, Gerrard Capashen, and Karn. The Legacy released a massive burst of white mana that sought out Yawgmoth's essence and seemingly destroyed it. Upon his apparent death, his devoted minions lost all hope of victory and did not resist their enemies' attacks.

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