Phyrexian Mana Symbol is a card mechanic introduced in the New Phyrexia set.


It appears in the casting cost of certain cards and can be paid with either the required colored mana, denoted by the color of the symbol, or 2 life.

For example, Surgical Extraction says that you may pay one black mana or 2 life. All non-instant, non-sorcery Phyrexian Mana Cards are artifacts, but no cards with a Phyrexian mana symbol are colorless cards.

Rules of Phyrexian Mana

  • You can't pay 2 life for the mana symbol if you don't have enough life. If you have less than 2 life, you can't pay 2 life instead of the colored mana. For example, even if Ben has a Platinum Angel on the battlefield and has 1 life, he must cast Surgical Extraction with 1 black mana.
  • When counting the converted mana cost of such a card, each Phyrexian Mana Symbol counts as 1 mana of the denoted color, even if you always pay 2 life and not the mana.
  • The Phyrexian Mana Symbol is not a new type of mana. You can't add Phyrexian Mana to your mana pool.
Colors of Mana
White Mana W Blue Mana U Black Mana B Red Mana R Green Mana G
Allied Azorius Mana WMana U Dimir Mana UMana B Rakdos Mana BMana R Gruul Mana RMana G Selesnya Mana GMana W
Enemy Orzhov Mana WMana B Izzet Mana UMana R Golgari Mana BMana G Boros Mana RMana W Simic Mana GMana U
Shards Bant Mana GMana WMana U Esper Mana WMana UMana B Grixis Mana UMana BMana R Jund Mana BMana RMana G Naya Mana RMana GMana W
Wedges Abzan Mana WMana BMana G Jeskai Mana UMana RMana W Sultai Mana BMana GMana U Mardu Mana RMana WMana B Temur Mana GMana UMana R
Other: Colorless Mana C Generic Mana XMana 1Mana 2Mana 3 Snow Mana S WUBRG Mana WMana UMana BMana RMana G
Hybrid ManaPhyrexian Mana Mana WPMana UPMana BPMana RPMana GP
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