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Race Human
Birthplace Otaria, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4286-4306 AR
The Dragons of Magic, Odyssey

Pianna was a human leader of the Order on Otaria (Dominaria).[1]


Rise to leadership[]

She was an orphan whose family had been massacred by barbarian raiders. She escaped the fate of her family by hiding in the chimney, and the timely arrival of Lord Eagyn, a white dragon and lord of the Northern Order. She was given to the aven Sergeant Kort as his charge, and Eagyn died shortly afterwards, ceding leadership to Kort, who raised Pianna as his daughter. Eventually she proved herself to be a worthy successor to him and took over the Order's concerns in the Daru Plains. Pianna took a moderate stance towards the Cabal and was widely respected for her honesty and her ability to keep her promises.

Protecting Krosa[]

Pianna was extremely disturbed by the aggression that the Krosan Forest began displaying. Small villages and logging encampments were being set upon by forest wolves, bears, rampant herds of bison and various other wild animals, whilst the forest's normally approachable druids had become increasingly reclusive. The attacks were causing numerous deaths and displacing large numbers of people, who flocked to the safety of the Order's citadel. As the leader of the Order, it was Pianna's duty to find out what was happening. However, her investigations almost met with disaster when she tried to protect some loggers from a pack of wolves. Were it not for the timely intervention of Order reinforcements, Pianna and the surviving loggers would have been brought down by the beasts. This encounter convinced Pianna that action needed to be taken.

Confronting Kirtar[]

Pianna ordered as many men as she could to help protect the villages. She commanded the Order's aven leader, Lieutenant Kirtar, to oversee the operation, but was forced to travel to Krosa herself when Kirtar abandoned his duty to protect the villages and instead began an organised slaughter of every animal in the forest. Convinced that such aggression would only lead to further animal attacks and disturbed by Kirtar's fixation with the Mirari, a strange magical orb that Kirtar had found in the Cabal pits, Pianna ordered Kirtar to withdraw his remaining men back to the citadel, where the Order's council would decide what action should be taken. The group was also accompanied by Ambassador Laquatus, who had supposedly been aiding Kirtar.


Back at the citadel, Pianna plotted the locations of the animal attacks on a map and was surprised to discover that it matched exactly with Kirtar's route across the plains. This convinced her that the cause of the disturbances was in fact the orb that Kirtar had been carrying. She attempted to convince Kirtar to destroy the artifact in accordance with the Order's strictures, but Kirtar refused. He instead organised a coup against Pianna by his fellow aven warriors. Kirtar stormed into Pianna's chamber and demanded she hand over leadership to him, but Pianna refused, trying to bring Kirtar to his senses. Infuriated, Kirtar used the Mirari to trap Pianna in solid crystal, instantly killing her. However, the spell then went out of control, destroying the citadel and Kirtar along with it. Her death was publicly attributed to Kamahl.


The barbarians that killed Pianna's family were possibly Pardic Barbarians, but as they are referred to as "steppe riders" in Vance Moore's short story "Dragon Lord" this identification is in dispute.[2]

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