Pierre Canali

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Pierre Canali
Pierre Canali.jpg
Residence France
Nationality {FRA} French
Professional Career
Pro Tour debut Pro Tour Columbus 2004
Top Finishes 1 (1 win)
GP top 8s 1 (0 wins)
Rookie of the Year
PT Champion

Pierre Canali is a French former professional Magic player and Salsa instructor.

He burst onto the Magic scene at the beginning of the 2005 Pro Tour Season playing his Extended Affinity deck to a victory at Pro Tour Columbus 2004.[1] While he did not make another trip to the Sunday stage he did win the Rookie of the Year title of that year and was invited to the Magic Invitational 2006.[2][3]

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
2005 Pro Tour Columbus Extended 29–31 October 2004 1
2006 Grand Prix Turin Limited 3–4 June 2006 8

Source: Wizards.com

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