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Race Imp
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica
Ravnica, Guildpact, Dissension

Pivlic was an impish businessman in the city of Ravnica, member of the Orzhov Syndicate, owner and proprietor of Pivlichino's, a large restaurant that also served as a gladiatorial arena;[1] The Imp Wing Hotel and Bar, a small inn;[2] and Pivlic's Old Ravi Cabaret and Eatery, destroyed by an unexplained fire in 9963 Z.C.[3] Pivlic was known for his spy network — he sold information for the right price.[1]


He was a good friend of Agrus Kos (he was the last survivor of a Wojek squad that saved his restaurant during a Cult of Rakdos uprising) and aided him during the Decamillennial incident orchestrated by Szadek. After the defeat of Szadek, Pivlic convinced Kos to relocate with him in the Utvara Reclamation Zone, where he owned and operated a small inn (The Imp Wing Hotel and Bar).[2] Here, Pivlic aided Kos and Teysa Karlov in overthrowing Zomaj Hauc and his plans to destroy Niv-Mizzet and seize the control of the whole plane.

Pivlic was then officially established as the primary representative of Baroness Teysa Karlov in Utvara. He was gravely wounded during the nephilim rampage, but miraculously healed by Crixizix with the help of teardrops.[4] He flew to the central city to inform Teysa about the coming doom. There, he was reunited with his old friend Kos, whose spirit was currently residing in the body of Azorius lawmage Obez Murzeddi. Again, Pivlic was involved in the crucial events, helping Kos to get to Simic headquarters, Novijen, witnessing the unraveling of Augustin IV's treachery and then sabotaging the engine core of the Parhelion, in order to defeat Szadek, Augustin, and the Lupul lurker.

During many years he also managed Feather's wojek salary, making extraordinary inversions in spite of the restrictions she had him obey.