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The following is a list of the timeshifted cards and the cards they refer to:[1]

Planeshifted Original card New color Original color
Blood Knight Black Knight Red Black
Bog Serpent Sea Serpent Black Blue
Brute Force Giant Growth[2] Red Green
Calciderm Blastoderm White Green
Damnation Wrath of God Black White
Dunerider Outlaw Whirling Dervish Black Green
Essence Warden Soul Warden Green White
Fa'adiyah Seer Sindbad Green Blue
Frozen Aether Kismet[3] Blue White
Gaea's Anthem Glorious Anthem Green White
Gossamer Phantasm Skulking Ghost Blue Black
Groundbreaker Ball Lightning Green Red
Harmonize Concentrate Green Blue
Healing Leaves Healing Salve Green White
Hedge Troll Sedge Troll Green Red
Keen Sense Curiosity Green Blue
Kor Dirge Kor Chant Black White
Malach of the Dawn Ghost Ship White Blue
Mana Tithe Force Spike White Blue
Melancholy Thirst Black Blue
Merfolk Thaumaturgist Dwarven Thaumaturgist Blue Red
Mesa Enchantress Verduran Enchantress White Green
Molten Firebird Ivory Gargoyle Red White
Mycologist Elvish Farmer White Green
Null Profusion Recycle Black Green
Ovinize Humble Blue White
Piracy Charm Funeral Charm Blue Black
Porphyry Nodes Drop of Honey White Green
Primal Plasma Primal Clay Blue Artifact
Prodigal Pyromancer Prodigal Sorcerer Red Blue
Pyrohemia Pestilence Red Black
Rathi Trapper Benalish Trapper Black White
Reckless Wurm Arrogant Wurm Red Green
Revered Dead Drudge Skeletons White Black
Riptide Pilferer Headhunter Blue Black
Seal of Primordium Seal of Cleansing Green White
Serendib Sorcerer Sorceress Queen Blue Black
Serra Sphinx Serra Angel Blue White
Shivan Wumpus Argothian Wurm Red Green
Shrouded Lore Forgotten Lore Black Green
Simian Spirit Guide Elvish Spirit Guide Red Green
Sinew Sliver Muscle Sliver White Green
Skirk Shaman Severed Legion Red Black
Sunlance Strafe White Red
Vampiric Link Spirit Link Black White

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