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A planar barrier is a magical way to prevent planeswalkers or other beings from travelling to (or leaving) certain planes. Planar barriers can be created on purpose by planeswalkers, powerful wizards or other powerful beings. They also can be the result of cosmological events.

Known planar barriers include:

Name Affected planes Created by Trapped planeswalkers Current state
Shard of the Twelve Worlds Dominarian Nexus, including Dominaria and Azoria Urza and the Sylex Blast Faralyn, Leshrac, Tevesh Szat, Freyalise, Taysir, Kristina, Ravidel Broken by the passing of the rogue plane Shandalar and Freyalise's World Spell.
Feroz's Ban Ulgrotha Feroz, using an artifact owned by Serra Feroz, Serra Broken by Feroz's death in a lab accident.
The Great Barrier Shandalar Azar, using Lim-Dûl's spirit. Reinforced by The Guardian. Failed. Possibly by someone casting the Spell of Dominion.
The Veil The physical world and the spirit world of Kamigawa O-Kagachi, Kami of the Barrier. Ripped apart by Kondas action. Restored by Michiko and Kyodai.
Barrier of the Rabiahs All versions of Rabiah Nailah Unknown
Ixalan's Binding Ixalan Azor, using the Immortal Sun Vraska, Jace Beleren, Huatli , Angrath Broken when Vraska transferred the Immortal Sun to Tezzeret.

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