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A planar portal is a way to travel through the aether between planes, without needing a planeswalker's spark. Planar portals can be created by planeswalkers, but the Thran and the Phyrexians also had the technology. Known planar portals include:

When the Mending occurred, all existing planar portals stopped working.[3][4] New tech was possible, but so far the only example seen is the Planar Bridge, which has major limitations transporting organic matter.[5]

Vorinclex used an as yet unexplained portal between New Phyrexia and Kaldheim.[6] Tezzeret was revealed as being in league with New Phyrexia in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and Vorinclex was stripped of organic tissue on his initial arrival on Kaldheim, which suggests the Planar Bridge was the method.

In-game references[]


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