Plane is a card type.


They are created specifically for the Planar Magic format. Plane cards can't be used in a normal Magic game, but they work well in a Planar Magic game. The first 40 Plane Cards ever made were released in September 2009, in a set called Planechase. It is currently unknown if more Planar Magic game sets will be released.

Parts of a Plane Card


Name of a plane card. Plane cards only represent part of a plane, so Plane Cards are only specific locations on a plane.


All Plane Cards have "Plane -" and then the plane that location is on. For example, the Plane Card representing Grixis has a typeline of "Plane - Alara". This means that Grixis is a location on the plane of Alara.


All Plane Cards have either static or triggered abilities. Most Plane Cards give bonuses to creatures. Raven's Run is a Plane Card that gives all creatures wither.

Chaos Abilities

In Planar Magic, there is a Planar Die. It is a 6-sided die with 4 blank sides, a side with a Planeswalker symbol on it, and a side with what is called a Chaos symbol. Every die roll costs 1 mana more than the previous roll. The first roll is free, the second roll costs 1, the third roll costs 2, and so on. If a player rolls a Chaos symbol on his or her roll, then the face-up Plane Card's Chaos ability triggers. Chaos abilities are usually very powerful.


If you roll the Planeswalker symbol on the Planar Die, that triggers the Plane Card's unwritten Planeswalking ability. The Plane Card's current controller puts that Plane Card on the bottom of his or her Planar Deck, and then flips over the top Plane Card on his or her Planar Deck. Some Plane Cards have abilities that trigger when you Planeswalk to or from that Plane.

Rules for Planar Magic

The complete rules for Planar Magic can be found at

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