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Planar die

The planar die

The Planechase series consists of 3 products:

Additionally, the March of the Machine Commander decks each include 10 cards and one planar die for the Planechase format, making it a semi-official continuation of the Planechase line. In the same vein, these were immediately followed by the Doctor Who Commander decks which each contained 10 non-canon planar cards.

Planechase format[ | ]

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The Planechase format is a casual game variant, which simulates traveling between different planes using the new plane cards. The set comes with a six-sided planar die, that features the planeswalker symbol {PW} on one face, the chaos symbol {CHAOS} on another and four blank faces.

Each player enters the game with a regular deck and a planar deck, which features ten or more Plane or Phenomenon cards. The first player to start puts the first card in his planar deck face-up in the command zone. A plane card usually has two abilities. The first one applies as long as the card is revealed, the second one is the chaos ability.

During each player's turn, that player may roll the planar die whenever they could cast a sorcery. While the first roll each turn is free, all subsequent rolls in that turn cost {1} more than the last. If the {PW} is rolled, the owner of the current face-up plane card puts it on the bottom of his planar deck and the current player reveals the top card of their planar deck. If {CHAOS} is rolled the chaos ability of the plane card triggers. With blank faces, nothing happens.