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By planeswalker's colorshift we refer to the color transition that planeswalkers undergo in their life.

Each planeswalker, except those that are colorless, has a base color.[1] Planeswalkers don't have to have all their colors in a printing, but R&D doesn't print them out of their base color.[2]

List of all colorshifts[]

Planeswalker Color Colorshift Cause
Ajani {W}{R} Initial state (in anger at losing his brother Jazal).[3]
{W} Usual state.
{W}{G} Becoming a mentor, helping others.
Garruk {G} Initial state. Current state after the Curse was lifted.
{B}{G} Cursed by the Chain Veil.
Huatli {W}{R} Initial state.
{W}{G} Rejecting the nationalistic xenophobia of the Sun Empire.
Jared Carthalion {R} Initial state, taught "destruction magic" by Ezer.
{R}{G} Spent much of his time as an urchin in this state.
{R}{G}{W} Usual state. Acquired white magic before his first confrontation with Ravidel.
{R}{G}{W}{U}{B} Learned to access blue and black magic through his training with Kristina, used both in his final fight with Ravidel before ascending.
Nahiri {W} Initial state.
{W}{R} Rage after Zendikar's destruction.
Narset {W}{U} Initial state.
{U} When fighting in the War of the Spark. Center color.
{W}{U}{R} Reconnecting with her alternate past as a Khan on Ikoria.
Nissa {G} Initial state.
{U}{G} Transcending the Trial of Knowledge.
{B}{G} Determined to heal Zendikar
Ob Nixilis {B} Initial state.
{B}{R} In search of power and new conquests.
Sarkhan {R}{G} Initial state.
{B}{R} Affected by Bolas.
{R} Recuperating his senses, and now usual state.
{U}{R}{G} Altering the timeline.
Sorin {B} Initial state.
{W}{B} When he is concerned.
Tamiyo {U} Initial state.
{W}{U}{G} When she takes action.
{U}{G} Conflicted on neutrality.
{U}{G/U/P}{G} Compleated.
Teferi {U} Initial state.
{W}{U} When he regained his spark.
Tezzeret {U} Initial state.
{B}{U} When he is serving Nicol Bolas.
Tibalt {R} Initial state.
{R}{B} When he was causing chaos in Kaldheim.