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List of planeswalkers

This is a list of all planeswalkers mentioned in the Magic storyline. Included are former planeswalkers and planeswalkers whose spark is dormant.

Revisionist planeswalkers

These people all possess the spark to become or are lower-powered planeswalkers. Referred to colloquially as neowalkers.


This list includes all planeswalkers and those with the spark mentioned or presumed to be alive after the Mending in 4500 AR. It also includes some of their abilities.

Playable (Alive)

  • Ajani Goldmane ({W},{G}) — A leonin auramancer from Naya who can heal other living creatures and purify the corrupted. Was compleated by New Phyrexia. With the help of Karn and Melira he was cured of the phyresis.
  • Angrath ({B}{R}) — A minotaur who wields heat-imbued iron chains that he can use to temporarily control others.
  • Arlinn Kord ({G},{R}) — A werewolf from Innistrad who has control over her transformation and retains her intelligence while transformed.
  • Ashiok ({U}{B}) — A being of unknown species, gender, and origin who can manipulate dreams and fear. Possibly a nightmare.
  • Basri Ket ({W}) — A human sand-mage from Amonkhet who was a follower of Oketra before the god's demise.
  • Chandra Nalaar ({R}) — A human pyromancer from Kaladesh.
  • Daretti ({R},{B}) — A goblin artificer from Fiora.
  • Davriel Cane ({B},{U}) — A mysterious diabolist that can rip spells from a being's mind and store them within his own for later use.
  • Elspeth Tirel ({W}) — A powerful human planeswalker from Capenna who wields magic of community and fortification. After her rebirth she ascended as an archangel.
  • Garruk Wildspeaker ({G}) — A human beast summoner and hunter.
  • Geyadrone Dihada ({W}{U}{B}{R}) — A ancient demonic planeswalker who first appeared on Dominaria between the fall of the Thran and the Brothers' War. Her magic is based on controlling and enslaving creatures.
  • Jace Beleren ({U}) — A powerful and intelligent human telepath from Vryn who can create illusions, control memories, and possesses clairvoyant abilities. He was compleated by New Phyrexia. At some point after the Phyrexian invasion he was cured of phyresis.
  • Jared Carthalion ({W}{U}{B}{R}{G}) — A human warrior born in Corondor, Dominaria. He was last seen at the end of the Planeswalker War. Jared made a reappearance during the second Phyrexian Invasion.
  • Jiang Yanggu ({G}) — A human boy from Shenmeng, who is always accompanied by a dog named Mowu.
  • Kaito Shizuki ({U}{B}) — A young cybernetic ninja from Kamigawa.
  • Kasmina ({U}) — A human wizard who uses transformation spells.
  • Kaya ({W}{B}) — An assassin from Tolvada with the ability to become partially incorporeal, allowing her to slip through solid items and touch and assassinate spirits.
  • Liliana Vess ({B}) — A long-lived human necromancer from Dominaria who made deals with multiple demons for power and eternal youth. She also wields the Chain Veil, greatly enhancing her abilities.
  • Mu Yanling ({U}) — A human hydromancer from Shenmeng.
  • Niko Aris ({U}{W}) — A human athlete from Theros who can conjure mirror-like metal shards that can temporarily contain living beings they pierce in a pocket dimension.
  • Oko ({G}{U}) — A fey planeswalker with the ability to manipulate vines, accelerated regeneration, and limited but powerful telepathy.
  • Quintorius Kand ({R}{W}) — A loxodon student from Arcavios. (Playable as a Legendary Creature)
  • Ral Zarek ({U}{R}) — An Izzet guildmage from Ravnica who can create electrical storms and channel ambient static through his arm mounted gauntlets.
  • Sorin Markov ({B},{W}) — An ancient Innistrad vampire with a wide array of abilities that mostly involve blood magic. Can create artificial life, drain or restore other creatures' life forces, and project dark energy.
  • Tezzeret ({U}{B}) — A prodigious artificer from Esper who possesses an artificial magical arm. He can create and manipulate various metals and give life to objects.
  • Teyo Verada ({W}) — A young shieldmage from Gobakhan who can create protective wards.
  • Ugin ({C}/{W}{U}{B}{R}{G}) — A recently resurrected elder dragon from Dominaria who can transmute energy into matter.
  • Vivien Reid ({G}) — A hunter from Skalla, who is able to call forth spirit creatures with her Arkbow.

Playable (Alive or Unknown)

Playable (Dead)

Former Planeswalkers

Not playable (Alive or Unknown)

DoP 2013 Personas

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Planeswalker player avatars. Only C5, Vronos, is known by name.

  • Baltrice ({R}, status questionable) — A human pyromancer working for the Infinite Consortium.
  • Masrath — A mage from Dominaria.
  • Ramaz ({G}{U}{R}) — A visionary shaman who worked for Nicol Bolas.
  • Tessebik — A planeswalker from Dominaria.
  • 33 unnamed planeswalkers appeared in Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 in 4558 AR.
  • Unnamed — All last seen on Ravnica during the War of the Spark in 4560 AR.
    • An older man with turquoise eyes and a carefully trimmed white beard.[4]
    • A woman with jet black hair and glowing green eyes who suggested hiding from the Dreadhorde.[4]
    • An aven who considered surrendering to Bolas.[4]

Not playable (Dead)

Not Playable (Living Former Planeswalkers)


The following people are traditional, nigh-omnipotent planeswalkers in revisionist continuity. This list only mentions those 'walkers seen or mentioned by name. Other planeswalkers have been described (a "demonic leviathan" and a "shark person" for example) but never named or shown.

Playable (Alive)

Playable (Dead)

  • Dakkon Blackblade[11] ({W}{U}{B}) — A human warrior from Dominaria. Last seen during the Planeswalker War on Dominaria between 4,195 and 4,205 AR.
  • Jaya Ballard ({R}) — An elderly human pyromancer from Dominaria. Killed by Ajani during the second Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria.
  • Jeska ({R}) — An Otarian barbarian from Dominaria, known as the Thrice Reborn due to having been reborn three times: first as Phage, then as Karona, and finally as a planeswalker. Sacrificed herself to finish sealing the time rifts in 4500 AR during the Mending.
  • The Nine Titans
    • Bo Levar ({U}) — A human smuggler from Dominaria. Sacrificed himself to protect a merfolk colony from Yawgmoth's death cloud. (Playable as a Legendary Creature)
    • Freyalise ({G}{R}) — A half-elf from Dominaria, protector of the elves of Llanowar, Fyndhorn, and Skyshroud. Sacrificed herself to seal a time rift in 4500 AR during the Mending.
    • Commodore Guff ({U}{R}{W}) — A human librarian that lived in a hidden library on Dominaria. This library contained every book ever written, including the books that held the destiny of the multiverse. Killed by Yawgmoth's death cloud.
    • Tevesh Szat ({B}) — A human from Dominaria, shapeshifted into a draconic tentacled form. Killed by Urza in 4205 AR during the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria.
    • Urza ({U},{W}{B}{R}{G}) — A human from Dominaria, and a critical figure in the history of the Multiverse. Sacrificed himself to activate The Legacy Weapon, destroying Yawgmoth and ending the invasion.
    • Lord Windgrace ({B}{R}{G}) — A panther warrior from Dominaria with a hatred for artifice. Sacrificed himself to seal a time rift in 4500 AR during the Mending.
  • Serra ({W}) — A human planeswalker associated with angels. Allowed herself to be murdered by an unknown planeswalker on Dominaria around 3,780 AR.

Playable (Alive or Unknown)

  • Sivitri Scarzam ({U}{B}) — A human from an unknown plane with powers to control and summon dragons, especially Scarzam dragons. She tried to conquer Corondor, but failed and her status is uncertain.

Not Playable (Alive or Unknown)

Not Playable (Dead)

  • The Nine Titans — All died in 4205 AR during the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria.
  • Dyfed — A human from Dominaria. Vivisected by Yawgmoth during the Thran Civil War around -5,000 AR.
  • Feroz ({W}{G}) — An artificer who lived on Ulgrotha. Died in a lab accident on Ulgrotha around 3,780 AR.
  • Leshrac ({B}) — Also known as "The Walker of Night" or simply "Nightwalker", was a black-aligned planeswalker from an unknown origin. Sacrificed by Nicol Bolas to seal a time rift in 4500 AR during the Mending.
  • Manatarqua — Killed with a fireball by an unknown assailant on Gastal sometime between 1,800 and 3,255 AR.
  • Unnamed
    • The Demonic Leviathan — Killed and eaten by Nicol Bolas on Dominaria around -15,000 AR.
    • The creator of the plane that became Phyrexia — A humanoid who took the form of a dragon. Died around -5,000 AR.
    • The planeswalker who summoned Sengir from Dominaria to use in a battle in Ulgrotha.
    • A possible planeswalker would be Ravi Sengir's master, who gave her the Apocalypse Chime.

Time period unknown

The following people are planeswalkers that have appeared in revisionist continuity, but we do not know whether they are pre or post-mending. This list only mentions those 'walkers seen or mentioned by name. Other planeswalkers have been described (a "demonic leviathan" and a "shark person" for example) but never named or shown.


  • Aminatou ({W}{U}{B}) — An incredibly young human girl whose magic can manipulate fate and destiny.
  • Estrid ({G}{W}{U}) — An enchantress who fashions magical masks that imbue her with the strengths and skills of the creatures they represent.
  • Grist ({B}{G}) — An insect, or possibly the collective conscience of a swarm of insects. She is currently alive in the Magic BOOM continuity. Undetermined if this carries to the Magic Set continuity.

Not playable


It is unclear whether the following characters were planeswalkers.

Not planeswalkers

The following characters are often thought to be planeswalkers but have been confirmed not to be ‘walkers in revisionist continuity. The ones with an {cross} behind their name were planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity but have been ret-conned into not being them since then.



The following people have been confirmed to be planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity and could still be in revisionist continuity. The ones with a {tick} behind their name have been confirmed to be planeswalkers in revisionist continuity as well.

The following characters were planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity but have been demoted (or promoted) from that status in revisionist continuity.

The following characters were called planeswalkers in the Greensleeves Cycle, but those books were released before the power level of planeswalkers was established, thus it is difficult to say if they were planeswalkers in the true sense of the word. It must be noted, however, that Kuthuman, Garth, and Greensleeves herself have been described as having almost god-like powers, which seems to confirm that they had a planeswalker's spark. After being printed as a creature in Modern Horizons 2, Garth was confirmed to have been a planeswalker.[15]

  • Chaney: Chaney's status as a planeswalker is contested. She is described as having considerable powers (she can manipulate the flowing of time) and she was surely able to planeswalks in her youth; however she grows old and dies like a mortal woman: whether this means that she didn't have a proper spark, somehow lost it, or simply chose to die remains unknown.
  • Garth One-Eye ({G}{U},{W}{B}{R}) {tick}
  • Greensleeves ({G},{W}{U}{B}{R})
  • Kuthuman ({B}{R})

Then there is one person who was given the power of a planeswalker by Geyadrone Dihada. Planeswalker powers cannot be gained this way in revisionist continuity, but it is possible Dihada only activated his latent spark.


It is unclear whether the following people were actual planeswalkers or not.

Not planeswalkers

It is often thought that the Elder Dragons were planeswalkers, but in prerevisionist continuity, it was mentioned that their power was “almost like that of planeswalkers”.

Note that Arcades Sabboth and Nicol Bolas never appeared in prerevisionist stories, although the latter was shown as a ‘walker in revisionist continuity.