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Not to be confused with War of the Spark.

The Planeswalker War was a tremendous, yet mysterious war that took place on Corondor in 4196 AR.[1]

The war was triggered by Ravidel, who led a group of planeswalkers to the island of Corondor by activating the Mox Beacon.[1] The war included such powerful planeswalkers as Leshrac, Tevesh Szat, Kristina, Jared Carthalion, Grenfell Mor, Ash Warlord Embereck, Geyadrone Dihada, and Sandruu, and probably many more.[2] Dakkon Blackblade was not one of the primary planeswalkers in this war.

Jared Carthalion was able to lead a small group of heroes to victory in the war.[1] Other known survivors include Leshrac, Tevesh Szat, Kristina, and Geyadrone Dihada. Grenfell Mor and Embereck were killed, while Ravidel and Sandruu's fates are unknown. Corondor was impacted for centuries by the war.[3]

Background[ | ]

Little is known about the Planeswalker War, due to the cancellation of Magic's line of comic books.[4][5][6] Some characters from that conflict have yet to appear in any other novels or storylines, leading many to speculate that these characters may have perished in the war.

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