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Planeswalker symbol

The handprint-like planeswalker symbol {PW} symbolizes planeswalkers and their ability to traverse the planes of the Multiverse.[1][2]

Description[ | ]

The planeswalker symbol is, for example, used to represent the planeswalk mechanic in the Planechase format, as part of the Masters 25 expansion symbol, and hidden in card art (e.g., Barren Glory and Omniscience). It seems to refer to the different paths or planes that a planeswalker can choose to walk. Specifically: five choices, as in the five colors of Magic. On the other hand, Mark Rosewater has said that it also has a “five becoming one” aspect, to match Magic's ethos of the colors working together.[3][4] The latter could also mean there is a connection to the Lorwyn Five or the Gatewatch.

History[ | ]

There used to be a symbol designed for planeswalkers in Future Sight, but it was not used when the introduction of planeswalkers was moved to Lorwyn. This was different from the current planeswalker symbol.[5]

Beginning with Guilds of Ravnica, most sets were marketed with key art featuring the planeswalker symbol. Sometime later, Wizards of the Coast began creating variants of the planeswalker symbol for each set.

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