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Player Points is an award system for Magic: The Gathering professional tabletop play, introduced in 2020.

In 2019, Mythic Points had replaced the Pro Points system, in an attempt to connect competitive gaming across MTG Arena and Magic tabletop. For 2020. the tracks were separated again, with the MPL tracking rankings combining the two.[1] For MTG Arena play, Mythic Points were kept. For tabletop Player Points were introduced.



You can earn Player Points at Championship-level events. Those include:

  • Players Tour Americas/Europe/Asia-Pacific
  • Players Tour Finals

The COVID-19 outbreak in January resulted in preventative measures taken in March. By April, it was clear that further events were not safely feasible to hold, and Wizards wrote off the entire season as not salvageable.[2] It was announced that some large events later in the year would be prospectively held, but that those events would not pay out points for League positions.


In the 2020–21 Players Tour Season, there were no events scheduled that could award Player Points.


With the retirement of the MPL and Rivals league in 2023, League and Player points were replaced with a system to qualify for the World Championship. Each win at a Set Championship gains 1 point, and 7th and 8th place after the cutoff gain 4 points. Five places reserved for League players, and eight for Challengers on the leaderboard, and any players that double-qualify through Top 6 placements open at-large placements.