Player of the Year is an award given at the end of a Pro Tour season to the Magic player with the highest number of Pro Points in that season. With the change to Mythic Points in 2019 and shift to Player Points in 2020, it appears the award has been retired - due to League weekends, the players in a Championship get only a small fraction of the points the League members do.

It is reasonably attainable to win this award without winning any Pro Tour or Grand Prix events if the player finishes high enough in enough events, but it would be incredibly unlikely without any Pro Tour Top 8s.

Player of the Year Winners

Past Player of the Year Winners
Year Winner
1996 SWE.svg Olle Råde
1996–97 CAN.svg Paul McCabe
1997–98 USA.svg Jon Finkel
1998–99 DEU.svg Kai Budde
1999–00 USA.svg Bob Maher, Jr.
2000–01 DEU.svg Kai Budde
2001–02 DEU.svg Kai Budde
2002–03 DEU.svg Kai Budde
2003–04 FRA.svg Gabriel Nassif
2005 JPN.svg Kenji Tsumura
2006 JPN.svg Shota Yasooka
2007 JPN.svg Tomoharu Saito
2008 JPN.svg Shuhei Nakamura
2009 JPN.svg Yuuya Watanabe
2010 USA.svg Brad Nelson
2011 USA.svg Owen Turtenwald
2012 JPN.svg Yuuya Watanabe*
2012–13 USA.svg Josh Utter-Leyton
2013–14 FRA.svg Jérémy Dezani
2014–15 USA.svg Mike Sigrist
2015–16 USA.svg Owen Turtenwald
2016–17 BRA.svg Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
2017–18 ARG.svg Luis Salvatto
* Watanabe won the Magic Players Championship


  • Kai Budde is the player who has won the most Player of the Year titles, with four.
  • Kai Budde and Yuuya Watanabe are also the only players to have won World Championships/Players Championship and Player of the Year in the same year.
    • Watanabe's record is a bit different from that of Budde's. The 2012 season was the only year during which the Player of the Year was not decided by Pro Points; instead, the winner of the 2012 Players Championship was considered the Player of the Year. However, Yuuya was also the one with the most Pro Points for the 2011–12 season,[1] so he would have been the 2012 Player of the Year even with the old system.
  • No player has won Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year in the same year.
    • Randy Buehler was the closest to achieving this feat when he finished second in the 1997–98 Player of the Year race.[2]
  • Both the 2010 season and 2017–18 season ended with two players finishing joint first in the Player of the Year race, forcing a playoff in the following season to determine the title.


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