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Players Tour Series 1
Date January 31, 2020 - April 26, 2020
Location {BEL} Brussels, Belgium
{JPN} Nagoya, Japan
{USA} Phoenix, USA
{USA} Houston, USA (cancelled)
Attendance 384
Format Theros Beyond Death Booster Draft, followed by Pioneer Constructed
Prize pool $200,000
Previous Players Tour:
Mythic Championship VII
Next Players Tour:
Players Tour Series 2

Players Tour Series 1 is the first Players Tour Series, continuing the tradition of professional Magic: The Gathering Organized Play of the Pro Tour and the Mythic Championships.


The Series took place between January 31, 2020 and April 26, 2020.[1] It was part of the shortened 2020 Players Tour Season. The Series was to consist of three regional Players Tours for which Player Points were awarded, and one Final. Nearly 1,000 players were invited, including the 24 members of the 2020 Magic Pro League and 32 members of the 2020 Rivals League for the partial 2020 Players Tour Season.[2] Individual players were limited to playing in just one regional Players Tour event per Players Tour Finals.

Players Tour Series 1 was the first Premier Event level to feature the Pioneer format since its inception in October 2019. It also featured Theros Beyond Death Draft.

Players Tour Europe[]

  • January 31-February 2, 2020: Brussels, Belgium

384 players entered the fray in Brussels. At the end of eight rounds, the original field of 384 was whittled down to 130. Leading the charge into Day 2 were two players at 9-0: Bernardo Torres from Portugal and Juan José Rodríguez López from Spain.[3] After the Top 8 was decided on Day 2, Joel Larsson won Players Tour Brussels today with his homebrewed Sultai Delirium deck, defeating Magic Pro League member Piotr Glogowski on UB Inverter of Truth 2–1 in the finals.[4][5]

Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 {SWE} Joel Larsson $35,000 26 Sultai Delirium
2 {POL} Piotr Glogowski $25,000 24 Inverter Combo MPL
3 {BRA} Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa $20,000 22 5-Color Niv to Light MPL
4 {NLD} Brent Vos $15,000 20 Lotus Breach
5 {ESP} Juan Jose Rodriguez Lopez $12,000 18 Mono-Red Aggro
6 {ITA} Mattia Rizzi $10,000 18 Bant Spirits
7 {CHN} Zhang Zhiyang $8,000 18 Mono-Black Aggro
8 {ITA} Valerio Luminati $6,000 18 Bant Spirits

Players Tour Asia-Pacific[]

  • February 1–2, 2020: Nagoya, Japan

Unlike the Brussels and Phoenix PT's, Nagoya only ran for two days. The format was the same, however, featuring competitive tabletop play in THB Booster Draft and Pioneer.[6] Out of the 192 players, 19% registered UB Inverter of Truth, compared to 12% of the field at Players Tour Brussels. Only one player went undefeated on day 1: Yuuta Takahashi. Kenta Harane won Players Tour Nagoya on Sunday evening with Bant Spirits, defeating Magic Pro League member Ken Yukuhiro on Sram Auras 2–1 in the finals.[7][8]

Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 {JPN} Kenta Harane $35,000 26 White-Blue Spirits
2 {JPN} Ken Yukuhiro $21,000 24 Orzhov Sram MPL
3 {JPN} Yuuta Takahashi $15,000 22 Inverter Combo
4 {JPN} Shintaro Ishimura $12,000 20 Blue Devotion Inverter
5 {JPN} Shota Yasooka $10,000 18 Inverter Combo MPL
6 {JPN} Akira Asahara $8,000 18 Inverter Combo
7 {HKG} Lee Shi Tian $6,000 18 Inverter Combo MPL
8 {RUS} Dmitri Butakov $4,000 18 Mono-Black Vampires

Players Tour Americas[]

  • February 7–9, 2020: Phoenix, USA

The power of the Lotus Field-Underworld Breach-Hidden Strings combo deck was unleashed after Brussels, with effectively any deck that could not outrace the Inverter-Oracle or Breach combos falling far on the wayside, such as the Heliod-Ballista decks and the mono-Green Ramp decks.[9][10][11][12] In a surprising repeat of the previous two events, a well-known GP ringer, Corey Burkhart, defeated a MPL member (William Jensen) in the finals.[13]

Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 {USA} Corey Burkhart $35,000 26 Inverter Combo
2 {USA} William Jensen $30,000 24 Lotus Breach Combo MPL
3 {USA} Jacob Wilson $20,000 22 Sultai Delirium
4 {USA} Zachary Kiihne $15,000 20 Mono-Red Aggro
5 {USA} Allen Wu $12,000 18 Lotus Breach Combo
6 {USA} Austin Bursavich $10,000 18 UW Control
7 {USA} Peter Ingram $8,000 18 Inverter Combo
8 {USA} Thomas Ashton $6,000 18 Bant Spirits

Finals (Series 1)[]

  • April 24–26, 2020 - Houston, USA (cancelled)

The Players Tour Final was originally expected to invite approximately 120 players.

Participants were to be:

  • Top finishers from Players Tour events (based on record)
  • Top finishers from previous Players Tour Finals
  • All 24 MPL players
  • Each Grand Prix winner in a qualifying season

Doing well at a Players Tour Finals would qualify you for the next Player Tour Finals, depending on your final record. All Finals participants qualify for the next regional Players Tour.

The COVID-19 outbreak in January resulted in preventative measures taken in March, which included the cancellation of Players Tour Finals Houston.[14] All invites were shifted to the next relevant event: the Players Tour Series 2 Finals.