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A playmat is a playing surface. Playmats can be made of different materials, like paper or rubberized, cloth covered, foam.

Khalsa[ | ]

Khalsa Brain Games was a very early producer of popular playmats made from an "imitation impala skin" material. The 1994 SpellGround gaming cloth came in two sizes: the standard 26 inch square for two players and the "Classic" 21 by 14 inch for one player.

Worlds[ | ]

Wizards of the Coast used to give out playmats to competitors at the World Championships from 1996 through 2006 (skipping 2005).[1]

Red Zone[ | ]

When Magic was being aired on ESPN2 (1998-2000), the people in charge wanted a playmat that would make the card layout easy to understand on television. The solution came to be known as the 'Red Zone, a mat that marks off where each players' lands and non-lands should go, as well as a large red central area for spells on the stack, and - more importantly - for combat. The 'Red Zone' has become synonymous with attacking.[2]

Ultra Pro[ | ]

The main license to make Magic playmats is now owned by Ultra Pro.[3][4] Official Ultra Pro playmats come in two typical sizes 19 3/8" x 15" (49.2 cm x 38.1 cm) and 24" x 14" (61.0 cm x 35.6 cm). They come in plain colors and in many different designs, they may even have space (circles) on them for keeping track of life.

Wyrmwood[ | ]

In June 2017, a license a for Magic leather playmats and themed wooden deck boxes was acquired by Wyrmwood, a small customer-focused company.[5] The Wyrmwood Magic: The Gathering playmat is crafted from doe tan leather and feature the iconic Magic: The Gathering logo. It includes a stone-oiled water buffalo leather strap to help keep the playmat stored for transit. The playmat was strictly limited to 100 units.

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