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Several Magic Poker Decks have been made.

Carta Mundi[]

In 1993, or early 1994, Carta Mundi presented Peter Adkison with a box of about 200 poker decks with regular Magic card backs [1] These were distributed among investors, employees and distributors as business gifts.

The decks were printed at about the same time as Alpha by Carta Mundi. They have standard Magic card backs, yet the faces are of one of Carta Mundi's standard poker decks. They are distinguishable from the DCI/Yaquinto decks by the presence of the "Made in Belgium" text on the Ace of Spades and on one Joker.

One newsgroup posting describes the decks being printed after Alpha (late 1993), and given out just after Antiquities was released (March/April 1994).

DCI Legend Membership (Yaquinto)[]

DCI Poker deck

As mentioned in the Duelist Companion #20 (April 1996), DCI membership was previously split into two levels. In 1994, those signing up for "Legend Membership" received a Magic-backed poker deck printed by Yaquinto Playing Cards, among other items.

It consisted of 52 standard playing cards plus 2 jokers for a total of 54 cards and again used regular Magic backsides. On the frontsides, the Yaquinto Printing Company, Inc is mentioned. These decks featured the Wizards of the Coast logo on the one Joker and the Ace of Spades.[2]

Poker deck box[]

1998 Poker deck box

In August 1998 Wizards of the Coast released a poker deck box which includes two complete poker decks plus two advertisement cards which promote other Magic products. The decks each consist of 52 standard playing cards plus 2 jokers for a total of 54 cards and can be distinguished by their different backsides, red and blue.[3] The face cards all have classic artwork on them—the Kings are Dragons; the Queens are Angels, and the Jacks are Knights, and the Jokers are Jesters.


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