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Porringer Valley
Plane Lorwyn

The Porringer Valley is a lowland region in Lorwyn through which the Wanderwine flows, not far from the western borders of the Blessed Nation. Porringer is home to a large number of ash treefolk shamans and warriors who tolerate the presence of members of other tribes so long as they do not harm the trees. Many boggarts and outcast elves reside in the valley as well, taking advantage of the ashes' protection. The boggarts hold their Feast of Footbottom festival within Porringer.

Porringer was the site of a devastating battle between elves of the Gilt Leaf tribe under the command of Nath and a group of boggarts attending the Footbottom festival. What began as a massacre by the elves quickly turned into an even greater bloodbath as the boggarts began to change under the influence of the impending Great Aurora, becoming feral monsters. It ended with a powerful spell cast by the elf Rhys that nearly destroyed both fighting forces.