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It takes a lot of organization to produce a Magic: The Gathering set. A lot. The game is published by Wizards of the Coast (WotC), a subsidiary of the American multinational toy and board game Hasbro. Product releases can followed via their website and the social media of front man Mark Rosewater. Depending on the product, it takes up to two years to go through the process from inception to a product on the shelves. Like any company, WotC has to consider different (international) markets and different target audiences. To provide for beginning players and advanced, casual and professional, Timmy's, Johnny's and Spikes, male and female, a whole line of tools and techniques has been developed through the years.

The main group of people to churn out the many yearly products is an ever changing team called Magic R&D. These stewards of Magic believe in discovery, surprise, and strategy. They are not afraid to change aspects of the game on a regular base or to add new elements to keep the metagame lively. They have advanced the game from a niche product to main stream.


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