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The Gatewatch swore to protect the Multiverse

The Multiverse of Magic: The Gathering is a shifting space of unique, disconnected worlds, called planes. The Blind Eternities between those worlds are unknown and impenetrable to the artifice of most cultures, but can be freely traveled by rare individuals, planeswalkers, who possess an intrinsic spark that frees them from ordinary limits. The stories of the Multiverse span millennia and numerous planes.

The earliest stories often center on the plane of Dominaria. They tell of the evolution of the Phyrexians from the ancient Thran, and their repeated invasions of Dominaria. These are the stories of the planeswalker Urza, his war with his brother Mishra, his generations-long efforts to prepare Dominaria for the next assault of the Phyrexians, and the many cataclysms that Dominaria weathered as a consequence of a war in which the ends justified any means.

There are stories from many other planes, and the ongoing narrative weaves among them. Among the most common destinations is the city-planet of Ravnica, the site of the War of the Spark, in which many planeswalkers died and the dragon Nicol Bolas was defeated by his brother, Ugin. The interdimensional monstrosities known as the Eldrazi have been fought and trapped on both the ancient plane of Zendikar and the haunted world of Innistrad. In spite of Urza's long war, the Phyrexians escaped total extinction and have re-emerged on New Phyrexia. Among the often-independent planeswalkers, a group has recently committed themselves to protecting the Multiverse against these threats that are bigger than any one world.

Most new stories are freely available as chapters of the Magic Story column on the Wizards of the Coast website. An outline of each set's story can be pieced together from the physical cards marked as Story Spotlights. Some stories have been published in novels and comics, although some of these, especially the oldest examples, may contradict the current lore.