Portal, Portal Second Age, and Portal Three Kingdoms were the first three releases of the Magic: The Gathering introductory level game set. The later release of this type of product was called Starter. As of October 2005, cards from the Portal sets are legal in Legacy and Vintage.

Portal was meant to be an introductory set for new players, with simplified wording. Many of the cards in these sets are actually found in many other sets, including cards like Armageddon, Earthquake, Horned Turtle, and Wrath of God, among others. Portal Second Age shares many similarities with this set; however, it is a much smaller set without some of the more powerful cards, such as Wrath of God.

The three portal symbols are as follows:

Portal symbol
Portal Second Age symbol
PortalSecondAge Expansion Symbol
Portal Three Kingdoms symbol
Portal- Three Kingdoms (Magic- The Gathering) Symbol
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