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(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
10 cards
{W} 10% {U} 20% {B} 30% {R} 20% {G} 20%
as of Streets of New Capenna
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Praetor is a creature class used for cards that depict leaders of dark forces.

New Phyrexia[]

New Phyrexia introduced the subtype with a cycle of five mythic rare legendary creatures, one per color, representing the Phyrexians' rulers and the different philosophies among the Phyrexian army regarding what exactly New Phyrexia should look like. They give a positive effect to the player controlling them, and an inverse effect to their opponents.[1]

Ota World[]

In a story about Lumithread Field, the Ota are described as "praetorian" by the dragon Ventaisen. Not much is known about them besides living in a dark world and wanting back the suns.[2]

Other cards[]

Two older cards gained the subtype, as well.


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