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Premier Play pyramid

Premier Play for Magic: The Gathering is a concept introduced in the 2022–23 Pro Tour Season. It signified a return to tabletop play post-COVID-19 pandemic and post-Magic esports. Premier Play represents the four highest levels of Organized Play, a competitive road towards the World Championship.


Premier Play was introduced under the leadership of William Jensen.[1]

Everyone with any level of experience can try their hand at this qualification path. Local qualifiers are open to everyone (subject to eligibility requirements), and you advance to the next level by winning matches of Magic. As yet, there is no place in Premier Play for the return of Grand Prix.


There are four levels of tabletop play, culminating in the World Championship.

Digital play[]

Additionally, players are also able to qualify through digital play. Events on both platforms feed tabletop events at nearly every level, including the World Championship.

MTG Arena[]

Qualifier Weekends in turn provide access to:

Magic Online[]