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Premium Deck Series: Slivers
H09 logo.png
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description A claw of a sliver
Design Ken Nagle,
Mike Turian
Development Ken Nagle,
Mike Turian
Release date November 20, 2009
Themes and mechanics Tribal (slivers)
Set size 60 cards
Expansion code H09[1]
Premium Deck Series
Slivers Fire & Lightning Graveborn
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana Premium Deck Series: Slivers Worldwake

Premium Deck Series: Slivers is a limited box set that was released November 20, 2009.[2] It is available worldwide in English. It contains an all-foil 60-cards deck including 5 rare cards and 1 mythic rare and comes with a spindown life counter and a foil deck box. The set retailed for $34.99 US.[3]

Unimaginable Destruction[]

Vicious, territorial, and able to share abilities, Slivers are nearly impossible to stop. This new and powerful, 60-card, all foil deck contains some of greatest Sliver cards from throughout Magic history, including several that have never been released in foil before!



This deck has two goals: First, play lands that can produce many different colors. Second, cast many Slivers to attack and defend for you.

You'll want to mulligan hands with only one land and hands whose lands all produce the same color of mana. Gemhide Sliver, Ancient Ziggurat, and Rupture Spire are all great cards to see in your opening hand because they give you access to all five colors.

Attack whenever it's safe to damage your opponent, using your Sliver abilities to aid you before and during combat. Don't allow your creatures to die in combat if you can help it; even a lowly Metallic Sliver will get exponentially better as your Sliver army grows. Keeping your early Slivers safe from harm can pay off big late in the game.

Your deck has a myriad of Slivers for a reason: each individual Sliver aids your Sliver army in a different way. Crystalline Sliver stops targeted effects. Heart Sliver lets Slivers attack immediately. Quick Sliver allows you to cast Slivers during combat or even during your opponent's turn. Virulent Sliver can irreversibly poison an opponent to death regardless of that player's life total.

Some Sliver abilities are so powerful that they require the sacrifice of a Sliver. Acidic Sliver can finish off your opponent, Victual Sliver can gain you life to stay in the game, and Necrotic Sliver can destroy your opponent's troublesome permanents. Use Brood Sliver to create expendable 1/1 Sliver tokens to this end. When you run low on Slivers to cast, use Distant Melody or Aphetto Dredging to restock your hand with Sliver carts.

Use Homing Sliver and Sliver Overlord to ensure that you have the right Sliver at the right time. You can even use them to find your Amoeboid Changeling. Later on, you can use Amoeboid Changeling to turn your opponent's best creature into a Sliver, and then steal it with Sliver Overlord!

Heartstone makes Sliver abilities cost 1 less to activate, and it's particularly potent with Spectral Sliver and Sliver Overlord. However, Heartstone helps your opponents too--just as your Slivers do when you're facing another Sliver deck--so be careful or it could backfire!

Wild Pair shines in the late game, but it requires some finesse. The Sliver creature cards in your library are 1/1, 2/2, or 3/3 (along with one 7/7 Sliver Overlord). On the battlefield, they're potentially larger. For example, if none of your other Slivers affect power or toughness, you could cast a Muscle Sliver from your hand and then use Wild Pair's ability to fetch a free Might Sliver from your library (Muscle Sliver is a 2/2 on the battlefield while Might Sliver is a 2/2 in your library). Through fancy use of Muscle Sliver, Might Sliver, Spectral Sliver, and Hibernation Sliver, it's possible for Wild Pair to put any and all Slivers from your library onto the battlefield!



The rares in this deck are Sliver OverlordBrood SliverCoat of ArmsFungus SliverRootbound Crag and Wild Pair.[4]


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