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The prices of Magic: The Gathering products have naturally increased since it's release in 1993.

Prices listed here are the MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) set by Wizards of the Coast.

September 1995[]

Magic's first price increase took effect in September 1995. In a letter to retailers, Peter Adkison announced the increase, which affected three sets in print at the time. Prior to this, Ice Age and Fourth Edition starter decks were $7.95 and booster packs were $2.45. Chronicles packs were $2.25.

Things in life rarely remain the same.  When _Magic: The Gathering(TM)_ 
was first released in August of 1993, no one knew how much it would 
change our industry.  It wasn't so long ago that we were five people
working out of a basement.   

Things in business are a lot like life.  Since our game¹s release, we¹ve 
experienced increases in paper prices and printing costs, and a dramatic 
fall of the U.S. dollar in the international market.  After two years,
the  _Magic: The  Gathering(TM)_ product line will have its first price 

Effective with all orders shipping in September, our suggested retail is: 

_Magic: The Gathering‹4th Edition(TM)_ 
Starter Deck  $8.95     Starter Deck Display  $89.50 
Booster Pack $2.95      Booster Pack Display  $106.20 

_Magic: The Gathering‹Ice Age(TM)_ 
Starter Deck  $8.95     Starter Deck Display  $89.50 
Booster Pack $2.95      Booster Pack Display  $106.20 

_Magic: The Gathering‹Chronicles(TM)_ 
Booster Pack $2.45      Booster Pack Display  $110.25 

One thing in our lives will never change:  the success of Wizards of 
the Coast, Inc., results from our efforts together.  Thank you for 
your hard work and continued support. 

Peter Adkison 
President & Janitor 
Wizards of the Coast, Inc. 

September 1998[]

With the release of Urza's Saga, prices were raised and distribution of cards was changed. Tournament decks now included 75 cards, replacing what used to be 60-card "starter" decks. The number of rare cards in the preconstructed theme decks was reduced from 3 to 2, and the number of uncommon cards increased from 9 to 13.

October 1999[]

Dear Magic Community:

Wizards of the Coast will increase the price of future Magic: The Gathering(R)
expert-level expansion set booster packs from $2.99 to $3.29 beginning with the
October 4, 1999 release of the Mercadian Masques(TM) card set.  This is the
first meaningful price increase for Magic(R) booster packs since 1995 and is a
result of increases in production costs over the past five years.  We value our
players and are continually working to deliver the highest quality Magic products
at a reasonable price.   Prices for other expert-level products and all starter-
and advanced-level Magic: The Gathering products are not being increased.

Thank you,

Joe Hauck
Associate Brand Manager
Magic: The Gathering

January 2004[]

WotC Vice President of Sales, Mark Jordan, informed all premiere stores that, as of 15 January 2004, prices for packs would increase.

  • Tournament decks - $11.29
  • Booster packs - $3.69
  • Theme decks - $11.29

September 2006[]

From Wizards Announces Price Change (August 22, 2006), effective September 22 (paper products) and October 6 (Magic Online).

  • Tournament decks - $12.29
  • Booster packs - $3.99
  • Theme decks - $12.29 (excluding Ninth Edition Core Set Theme Decks)
  • Fat Packs - $34.99

February 2019[]

MSRP was abandoned by Wizards of the Coast in February, 2019, leaving the setting of prices to the market.[1]

July 2022[]

Due to the rising costs of goods, transportation, and manufacturing, the prices are raised by 11% across the board for Booster products (eg. Draft Boosters, Set Boosters and Collector Boosters).[2]


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