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Prismari College
College of Elemental Arts
Prismari insignia.jpg
Express Yourself with the Elements.
Founded on Arcavios
Founded by Galazeth Prismari
Notable members Galazeth Prismari, Nassari, Octavia, Rionya, Rootha Squallheart, Samara Squallheart, Uvilda, Veyran, Zaffai
Associated Colors

Prismari is the College of Elemental Arts at Strixhaven University on the plane of Arcavios. It was founded by the elder dragon Galazeth Prismari[1] and is {U}{R} aligned. Students use Elementals as mascots.


Prismari are the art, theatre, and musical kids of Strixhaven, and magic is how they express themselves. Their spells can be spectacles of raw creativity or meticulous artistic expressions. All the world's a stage, and whether their art is informed by mind or emotion, Prismari always leave a lasting impression.[2] Prismari's colors reflect the metaphysical nature of art - is it about the technique and how it stimulates the mind (the blue approach), or is it about the expression and how it moves the soul (the red approach).

Prismari is the college of art, performance, and passion. Mages express themselves through raw magical power, channeling the elements in their work. Musicians, actors, dancers, painters, and more all infuse magic into their craft, creating bigger-than-life displays bursting with energy. While it takes intelligence and skill for such spells, it also requires a hot-headed and passionate character to channel their muses effectively. Their motto is "Express Yourself with the Elements".[3] Their magic is gesture and movement-based, putting emphasis on the creation rather than the product (i.e. the sculpture is not magical, forming it is).

Colors Dichotomy[]

Blue The blue side of Prismari deals with artistic training and study, visualization, precise technique, and artistic theory. Many Prismari blue mages, of course, are elementalists — artists who devote themselves to blue-aligned subdisciplines of elemental magic. Cloud conjurers, mistmages, zephyrists, skybrushers, vortex virtuosos, waterbinders, ice sculptors, huesplashers — all of these are mage-students and professors who express their art through the air, water, and other elements. Beyond that, aesthemancers and compositionists study abstract principles of beauty. Splendor diviners and vistamancers find the truth within beautiful sights or in personal visions. Opusmancers and master creators create huge, over-the-top magical effects. Avant-guardians embrace conceptual, counterintuitive leaps of brilliance. Uvilda, a Djinn, is the blue-aligned dean of Prismari.

Red As with blue, many red-aligned Prismari mages are some flavor of elementalist. Geosculptors, flameshouters, lava mavens, emberbrushes, stonebenders, electrovisionaries, stormpainters — all of these express their emotional truth through the fire, earth, and other elements. Beyond that, spectacle mages and wonderworkers hurl wondrous, stormy displays into the sky—often to amuse or distract rather than to cause harm. Heartragers turn their inner creative fire into personal strength, while muse channelers project their own momentary blasts of inspiration into others. Ruleburners and blast innovators use their art to shatter stereotypes and customs (and, quite often, property).[4] The Efreet, Nassari, is Prismari's red-aligned dean.


To the mages of Prismari, elemental creatures are a form of living art. Mages sculpt artistic shells from a fusion of raw elements, then conjure living elemental energy to inhabit the shells. The result is a powerful creature capable of expressing sublime emotions and wreaking wanton destruction. The inner core of a Prismari elemental might be a churning force of fire, wind, ice, water, lava, or solid rock.[4]

College Locations[]

  • The Conjurot Hall is a towering structure with a glassed-in observation area at the top, encircled by constantly changing strands of elemental energy. Artist-mages can see for miles from the Conjurot's main turret, and the view has inspired many artistic creations.
  • The Opus Walk is a winding path through the central campus buildings, along which hundreds of Prismari elemental creations are displayed. Some of the more famous pieces of magical art have been displayed along the Opus Walk for centuries, while other transient bursts of creativity last only a few moments.
  • The Furygale is a notorious region of the Prismari campus where the abandoned creations of thousands of past artist-mages have coalesced over the years. Roped off by wards and warning signs, Furygale is several square blocks of ever-changing magical energies, gales of ice and wind and fire, and elementals gone rogue. It's inherently dangerous but also a source of wild creative inspiration, and despite its dangers, it remains a popular spot for students who want to duel without being interrupted by authority figures.[4]

Prismari Majors[]

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Drawing
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Performing Arts
  • Sculpture
  • Theater[5][6]


Founder Dragon[]



Known Students[]


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  • Treasure tokens represent the artistic creations of the Prismari, the physical manifestation of their magic.[7]
  • Mechanically, Prismari cares about building up to a big spell.[8]