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Project Kraj
Race Ooze Mutant
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica

Project Kraj was a secret project of the Simic guildmaster Momir Vig on Ravnica.[1]


It was, technically speaking, an enormous body made of cytoplasts,[2] with a huge neuroboretum cluster for its brain. Kraj was activated by Vig and Svogthir with the help of dragon cerebral fluid from one of the Cauldron dragons. However, mere seconds after Kraj's activation, Vig was killed by Agrus Kos, whose spirit resided in the body of Savra (that was used by Svogthir). Without a superior intelligence to guide it, Kraj went on a blind, instinct-driven rampage into the city. Upon its activation, Kraj started to call and absorb every cytoplast on Ravnica, thus crippling, mutilating, and killing everyone who used the Simic bioaugmentation - every piece of cytoplast on the whole world tore itself free and flew to Kraj. Its body grew to such proportions that the whole Novijen actually became its head.

When Rakdos defeated one of the nephilim, he turned his attention to Kraj.[3] The two beings clashed, and Kraj absorbed Rakdos into his body, putting the demon into a coma. This, however, was too much also for Kraj. Kraj's motionless body was later dismembered by the quietmen.


The word "kraj" has three meanings; one in Czech and Slovak, one in Polish, and one in Croatian and Serbian. One is "region" (in Polish and also in Czech, Slovak, Serbian and Croatian "region") the second is "edge" (Czech and Slovak), and the third is "end" (Croatian and Serbian). The Russian word "kraj" has all the above meanings. Either the second option was used here, meaning "the edge of evolution", or the third meaning "the end of evolution". Matt Cavotta confirmed that it means "the last experiment".[4]

In-game references[]

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