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Prosperous Bloom a.k.a. ProsBloom or Bloom-Drain was a Mirage-era combo deck based around Prosperity, Cadaverous Bloom, and Squandered Resources.[1][2] The deck would remove most of its hand to generate large amounts of mana with Cadaverous Bloom, feed that into a Prosperity, sacrifice its lands to Squandered Resources, and eventually win with a giant Drain Life. Its functionality was partially based on the old rules for life loss, in which players only lost the game at the end of a phase; frequently the pilot would go to zero life from multiple Infernal Contracts before restoring their life total with Drain Life. While the deck is no longer played, it was one of the first true combo decks to dominate the Pro Tour.

Wishing Well - Pro Tour Paris 1997 (Mike Long and David Mills)

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