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Prototype creature

Prototype creatures are creatures that are used to refer to an entire class of creatures with the same power and toughness and mana cost or converted mana cost (and in some cases, abilities). What makes these creature prototypical is their recurrence at common or uncommon rarity in almost all modern sets. Of these categories, Gray Ogres[1] and Pikers are the most common (since they existed well before value bears became common) with nearly 400 and over 200 respectively.

In most cases, these are usually found with (often strong) upsides in the colors they are most common in. In most cases, multicolored cards are not considered to belong to the "corresponding" prototype.

Common models[]

Name Prototype card Characteristics Colors
Bears Grizzly Bears 2/2 for 1M With abilities ("Value Bear"): White, Green, Black, Red
Only at MM cost or with downside: Blue
Elementals Air Elemental 4/4 or bigger flyers for cmc 5, always uncommon or rarer All colors except green
Terns Welkin Tern 2/1 flier for 1M, usually with downside Blue, some black and white
Giants Hill Giant 3/3 for 3M or 2MM Mostly red and green
Ogres Gray Ogre 2/2 for 2M All colors, but slightly more common in black and red[2]
Drakes Wind Drake 2/2 for 2M with flying Mostly white and blue[3]
Turtles Horned Turtle 1/4 for 2M Mostly white and blue
Oxes Pillarfield Ox 2/4 for 3M Mostly white and green
Cockroaches Giant Cockroach 4/2 for 3M Mostly red and black
Pikers Goblin Piker 2/1 for 1M All colors, but most numerous in red
Lions Savannah Lions 2/1 or 2/2 for M Mostly white, some red and black
Cats Sanctuary Cat 1/2 for M Mostly white and green
Squires Squire 1/2 for 1M All colors, mostly in white

Notes and references[]

  1. Mark Rosewater (November 7, 2016). "A Few More Words from R&D". Wizards of the Coast.
  2. In those colors, it takes up the spot reserved to the value bear in White and Green.
  3. In practice, both 2/1s for 2M and 2/2s with additional bonuses for 3M are more common.