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*<c>Traveling Philosopher</c>
*<c>Traveling Philosopher</c>
*<c>Falkenrath Reaver</c><ref>This was the first basic red bear with no downside.</ref>
*<c>Falkenrath Reaver</c><ref>This was the first basic red bear with no downside.</ref>
*<c>Defiant Khenra</c>

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A bear is slang for a 2/2 creature for a mana cost of {1}M.[1] It is one of several prototype creatures stats.


Bears are most commonly associated with white or green.[2] The name derives from the original Grizzly Bears card printed in Alpha. Starting with Innistrad 's Walking Corpse, black has begun receiving bears, including value bears (though these are still only occasional at common).

The common variety is called an vanilla bear. A value bear is a bear with an additional ability. For many years there were no value bears without 2 colored mana in their cost until Nomadic Elf and Kavu Titan were printed in Invasion. Still, value bears didn't become a relatively common sight until Kamigawa block. A hate bear is a bear with some kind of text that is good against a specific kind of deck.[3]

There are approximately 120 vanilla or value bears, and about as many bears with a cost of 2 colored mana. Since there were more MM and MN han regular value bears in the early years of the game, it will take some time before {1}M will eventually overtake those with a cost of two colored mana.

List of bears

For simplicity's sake, this list is limited to the most prototypically {1}M-costed bears. They are listed in chronological order.

Vanilla bears

Value bears

{G} Green {W} White {B} Black {R} Rd Hybrid

Colorless bears

Bears with downsides

Straight downsides

Downsides and upsides

Notes and references

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  5. This was the first basic red bear with no downside.
  6. This is the first black Value Bear ever printed at common.
  7. This was the first pure downside bear printed in seven years.