Purraj of Urborg

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Race Catfolk
Birthplace Urborg, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4176-4196 AR
Mirage, Visions

Purraj of Urborg was the leader of many of Urborg's panther warriors, during the Mirage War of Dominaria.

History[edit | edit source]

Purraj was the main ally of the Urborg mage Kaervek. A cold-hearted, quiet killer, Purraj spoke often of the Song of Blood, the name she had given to the murderous rampage that suited her bloody tastes. She sacrificed her soul to the dark spirits of Urborg and thus nothing touched her except the pleasure of slaughter.

Kaervek could not manage to seize control of a kingdom in the heavily contested Burning Isles, and when he sensed a massive energy surge from the Chaza Isles he journeyed there to see if it could help him overthrow the more powerful lords of his homeland. He did not find anything of use, but decided to relocate his efforts to Jamuraa, where he manipulated the mage Jolrael into starting a war with him. During this war, Purraj helped oversee an infiltration of both the Mwonvuli and Uktabi jungles.

She later supervised the invasion of Femeref and Zhalfir and was a guardian of the Amber Prison in which Kaervek had imprisoned his nemesis Mangara at the ending weeks of the war. Although Purraj disappeared in the flash of light that was produced by the prison when Mangara was freed, her body was never found and it was implied that she survived.

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