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Quandrix College
College of Numeromancy
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Math is Magic.
Founded on Arcavios
Notable members Adrix and Nev, Deekah, Esix, Imbraham, Kianne, Nimiroti Wola, Ruxa, Tanazir Quandrix, Zimone Wola

Quandrix is the College of Numeromancy at Strixhaven University on the plane of Arcavios. It is {G}{U} aligned and uses Fractals as mascots. The founder of the college is the elder dragon Tanazir Quandrix.[1]


Quandrix mages are ingenious math magicians. They study patterns, fractals, and symmetries underneath reality to command power over the fundamental forces of nature.[1] They'll solve intricate puzzles while contemplating the metaphysical properties of the universe. They can also recite every number of Pi backwards.[2] Their color combination ponders whether the sciences are a feat of ingenuity (the blue perception) or merely a lens to observe nature's majesty (the green perception).

Quandrix is filled with highly intellectual nature-mathematicians. The students of Quandrix wield their power from the fundamental mathematics of nature, studying fractals, patterns, and symmetries. Quandrix mage-students have the ability to summon creatures that are made up of fractals. They are also able to expand their knowledge and even their physical size through the manipulation and bending of numbers. Their college motto is 'Math is Magic'.[3] Their magic is formulaic, blending math into their spellcasting.

Colors dichotomy[]

Green The green side of Quandrix is focused on bringing numerical possibilities to life, creating physical reality out of mathematical possibilities. Vivifiers, zoetimancers, and figurists conjure fractal creatures based on biological life. Augmentors and scale druids, simply put, enjoy making things bigger.[4] The famed Quandrix mana scholars investigate the nature and possibilities of mana itself and give lectures on leylines, Snarls, spellcasting, and other mana phenomena across the plane. Kianne is the green-aligned Elf dean of Quandrix.

Blue The blue side of Quandrix attracts those who delve into the abstract realms of theory, conjecture, and possibility. Abstractors and proofspinners conjure wild magic that stretches the possibilities of space. Spiralmancers and fractalologists create beautiful patterns and odd optical illusions with uncertain relationships to reality. Echognosts and sequence prophets learn by studying infinite repeating patterns that bend the mind. Metamancers, phenomenologists, and void theorists go beyond numbers to study and tweak the fundamental nature of reality itself, learning or altering essential truths about the world. Sometimes this generates "impossibles," which are strange, surreal beings born of paradoxes.[5] Imbraham is Quandrix's blue-aligned Owlin dean.


Quandrix magic can abstract and replicate the patterns of nature into artificial life forms called fractals. Because they are essentially formulaic representations of creatures brought to life, they can be mathematically scaled in size from tiny to enormous, making them effective companions for mages who use them as playthings, pets, helpers, and allies in combat.[5]

College locations[]

  • The Torus Hall is a central hall of Quandrix campus that lies at the end of a geometric series of walkways, ending in the ascending ramps to the towering building. Inside, Torus Hall's architecture is mapped to an ever-changing three-dimensional grid that slowly changes and evolves over time. Some Quandrix professors insist that mage-students shouldn't linger too long inside the Hall, lest its geometry eventually turns itself inside out while they're still within it.
  • The Quandrix campus is alive with dynamic sculptures made of water behaving in odd ways: cube-shaped fountains, arching aqueducts that flow through the air, towers of solid-seeming water. One water structure holds a secret: a mysterious inner expanse called the Arithmodrome. From the outside, the Arithmodrome looks like a large cube of water, 10 feet on each side. Inside, it's an infinite-seeming theory-space where the rules of reality are suspended. Mages use this space to explore theoretical numerical possibilities.
  • The Cultivarium is a eye-popping, sun-drenched garden of spiraling, cyclical plants and fractalized animals. Quandrix professors have repeatedly taught growth spells in this part of campus, and over the centuries, the area has come to intensify any growth magic cast within it.[5]

Quandrix Majors[]

  • Accounting
  • Astronomy
  • Aviation
  • Biomathematics
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Fractal Theory
  • Geometry
  • Math
  • Statistics
  • Physics[6][7]


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