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Quest counter
Use Quests, Ascensions, Expeditions
Placed On Enchantments
Introduced Zendikar
Last Used Worldwake
Scryfall Search
oracle:"Quest counter"

Quest counters are used for multiple cycles of enchantments from Zendikar block.



Three cycles in Zendikar use quest counters: quests, ascensions, and expeditions.

The "ascension" cycle flavorfully represents an adventurer's quest to find their true calling.[1] These cards gain quest counters from triggered abilities, and have a second set of abilities that become active or usable once a threshold is reached.

The "quest" cycle was originally concepted as maps,[2] and portray the search for treasure in Zendikar's wilderness.[3] Mechanically, the quest cycle is similar to the ascension cycle, except that the eventual activation requires that the enchantment be sacrificed.

The "expedition" cycle, like the quest cycle, is sacrificed upon completion, and has a similar flavor,[4] but accrues quest counters via landfall.


Worldwake revisited the theme with another cycle of quests:

However the cycle is incomplete. Instead of a white quest, Terra Eternal was printed instead.


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