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Plane Dominaria
Part of White Woods, Casindral, Corondor
Status Unknown

The majestic Quirion Sovereign was an Elven nation in the White Woods of Corondor on Dominaria.[1]


“  Fight with a friend at your back, steel in your hands, and magic in your veins.  ”

Quirion Explorer

There are those who believe these lands would be the last to fall to those who would conqueror Corondor.[1] Founded by elf clans fleeing drowning Terisiare, the Quirion faced many challenges in their long history, and carried with them the memory of the revolt of the Thallids. Determined to defend their home, Quirion became an armed camp. Non-elves would be advised to tread carefully, for the Exarch Amadis was notoriously short-tempered.


After the devastation of the continent of Terisiare during the Brothers' War, elvish refugees travelled to Corondor and founded the Sovereign in its White Woods. In 3980 AR, the nation was split into a collection of clans, the two primary of which being the rival Calthyn and Kieryn Elves, led by Exarchs Finovar and Amadis, respectively. The primary schism in the clans arose over the decision of who could speak with the forest's Maro-Sorcerer, known by them as the Great Spirit. In the end, both exarchs met with the force of nature together with Jared Carthalion and Kristina of the Woods. Centuries later, the Quirion allied themselves with Mangara.[2] Prior to the Mirage War, he brought a large contingent of the Elves to settle in Uktabi Jungle.

Notable Quirion included the exarchs Amadis, Finovar, and Liefellen.

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