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Race Human
Birthplace Bant, Alara
A Planeswalker's Guide to Alara, Alara Unbroken

Rafiq was the commander of the Knights of the Reliquary from Bant. As the son of a baker from Eos, he was born to the Mortar caste. The number of sigils he collected during his rise earned him the moniker Rafiq of the Many and makes him the highest ranked Sigiled on the plane.


Rafiq spent most of his time journeying across Bant, acting as champion and participating in the ritualized duels with which conflict is solved. He never favors any of the sides or factions, his involvement in the issue always depending on the delicate balance of his obligations to the numerous sigils he bears.

The Conflux[]

During the initial beginning of the Conflux, Rafiq led the armies of Bant into a disastrous battle against the forces of Esper assuming the Esperites would follow Bant's rules of warfare and submit to a battle of champions. During the battle, Rafiq's friend Mubin was the victim of mind controlling magic from an Esper mage and began attacking his own men. In desperation, Rafiq was forced to stab his old friend in the back paralyzing him in the process. Wracked with guilt over the injury he inflicted upon his friend, Rafiq led a small force on a desperate quest back into Esper with the intent on learning the secret to the Etherium magic the Esperites knew, in hopes that it would give Mubin the ability to walk again. During their mission, Rafiq ventures into Grixis after one of his scouts informs him that there may be people hiding there. Rafiq manages to rescue Levac and Salay from Grixis and unsuccessfully attempts an exorcism on their zombified son. Eventually Rafiq returns to Bant with Etherium and Levac and Salay just in time to warn Bant of Malfegor's invasion force. During the battle, Rafiq fights bravely even slaying a Dreg Reaver. When Malfegor begins to retreat, Elspeth throws Rafiq the legendary Sword of Asha and uses her magic to give Rafiq "wings of light" as he leaps towards the demon and slays it with two swings. After the battle, Rafiq attempts to use the Etherium to help Mubin but Mubin is killed in the process by a vicious infection. As Mubin is dying Rafiq despairs saying "Mubin, I'm sorry, I've failed at every turn." to which Mubin replies "It's not that, old friend, your virtue...made you blind. While you stared into the sun, they stabbed you....You just never-".

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