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Rafwyn "Raff" Capashen
Raff Capashen.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Benalia, Dominaria
Lifetime Mending Era

Rafwyn "Raff" Capashen is a distant relative of Captain Gerrard Capashen. He became the ship's mage of Jhoira's crew on the rebuilt Skyship Weatherlight.


Rafwyn is a young illusionist with unruly brown hair who has studied at the Tolarian Academy. He is the son of Aron Capashen, who is the head of the highest house of Benalia. Despite his noble heritage, he prefers to go by the name of "Raff".[1] Fully aware of the weight of his ancestor Gerrard's Legacy, Raff has chosen to prove himself worthy of the Capashen name by mastering the study of magic at the Tolarian Academy. Though he is still only 13 and a junior, second-level student at the academy at Tolaria West, he is also a skilled navigator and has caught Jhoira's attention. He loves flying on the Skyship Weatherlight more than devoting time to his studies, and he secretly dreams of honoring Gerrard's legacy by crewing the skyship with as much daring and panache as his ancestor did.[2] Raff offered to join the Weatherlight after his older sister Danitha refused.[3]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Return to Dominaria: Episode 3 Martha Wells 2018-03-28 Dominaria Dominaria Jhoira, Tiana, Shanna Sisay, Danitha Capashen, Rafwyn Capashen, Arvad, Ajani Goldmane
Return to Dominaria: Episode 5 Martha Wells 2018-04-11 Dominaria Dominaria Ajani Goldmane, Jhoira, Gideon Jura, Lyra Dawnbringer, Liliana Vess, Thiago, Shanna Sisay, Rafwyn Capashen, Arvad, Tiana, Jodah, Naban
Return to Dominaria: Episode 6 Martha Wells 2018-04-18 Dominaria Dominaria Teferi, Niambi, Gideon Jura, Jhoira, Liliana Vess, Rafwyn Capashen, Shanna Sisay, Tiana
Return to Dominaria: Episode 9 Martha Wells 2018-05-09 Dominaria Dominaria Chandra Nalaar, Jaya Ballard, Karn, Multani, Liliana Vess, Gideon Jura, Jhoira, Arvad, Shanna Sisay, Rafwyn Capashen, Tiana, Teferi, Jace Beleren
Return to Dominaria: Episode 10 Martha Wells 2018-05-16 Dominaria Dominaria Slimefoot, Tiana, Arvad, Jhoira, Teferi, Karn, Shanna Sisay, Rafwyn Capashen, Jaya Ballard, Liliana Vess, Gideon Jura, Chandra Nalaar
Return to Dominaria: Episode 11 Martha Wells 2018-05-23 Dominaria Dominaria Gideon Jura, Liliana Vess, Jhoira, Teferi, Slimefoot, Rafwyn Capashen, Chandra Nalaar, Shanna Sisay, Karn, Jaya Ballard, Arvad, Tiana, Yargle, The Cabal, Whisper, Belzenlok
Return to Dominaria: Episode 12 Martha Wells 2018-05-30 Dominaria Dominaria Liliana Vess, Yargle, Rafwyn Capashen, Jaya Ballard, Shanna Sisay, Arvad, Jhoira, Gideon Jura, Chandra Nalaar, The Cabal, Radha, Slimefoot, Muldrotha, Belzenlok, Whisper, Teferi, Karn, Urgoros, Tiana, Nicol Bolas

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