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Rakka Mar
Rakka Mar.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Jund, Alara
Lifetime Pre-Conflux

Rakka Mar was a female human shaman from Jund, Alara who specialized in summoning elementals.[1]


Nearly 50 years old, she was one of the oldest humans on Jund. She had the powerful gift of summoning elementals of rage and flame to her side, and had survived by putting those minions between herself and Jund's dangers.

Over the years, Rakka Mar had drifted from clan to clan of human warriors, offering her services of elemental summoning to those who would take her in. She had seen many clans disintegrate in their pursuit of the Life Hunt. Her elementals were useful weapons in those Hunts, but for her, the Life Hunt had a deeper purpose.

Rakka's driving desire was to be able to summon even greater and more devastating elementals. Although it may seem a defensive desire to combat the encroachment of death, at root her motivation was a simple lust for power. Nicol Bolas saw the potential in Rakka Mar immediately, and lured her with the promise of more magical power. The fact that she ranged all over Jund and interacted with clan after clan meant that she gave Bolas great reach into the minds and hearts of many of Jund's cultures. Bolas used Rakka's influence among the human war-clans to promote even greater and more dramatic Life Hunts. She also manipulated the human tribes into challenging dragons and viashino for dominance and fueled their bloodlust for prey on Naya and Grixis.

In return, Rakka gained dark powers of elementalism the likes of which she had never felt before. Her facility with summoning outstripped her early career as a promising young shaman's daughter. Her soul spilled over with dark rage, making it hard to hide her growing malice for her own kind, but at the same time gave her an abnormal vivacity that allowed her to keep pace with the muscular predators of Jund. She only saw fragments of Bolas's plans - during his short visits in Jund to counsel her — but she knew something greater than her entire savage world lay in her fate. She knew her status as a minion — and was all too willing to play her part.

She finally managed to convince Kresh the Bloodbraided and his clan to kill a mighty hellkite which supposedly threatened the clan. During the travel to its lair, they were attacked by viashinos, which were defeated by her stone elementals. They also caught up with Sarkhan Vol, who offered his aid in confronting the dragon. When they arrived at the dragon's lair, Rakka betrayed the Jundians and used them as bait while she revealed Jund's Obelisk

Later, she saved Sarkhan Vol and presented to him her master, Nicol Bolas. After that, she continued promoting the Life Hunt's ideology throughout Jund. Sometime later the planeswalker Ajani Goldmane (along with Kresh and the remaining members of his clan) sought out Rakka in order to get information about Nicol Bolas. Rakka almost killed Kresh with powerful thunder-like energy, and offered Ajani to take him to her master but only if he killed the Jundians who accompanied him. Ajani was tempted by this offering but ultimately killed Rakka with a mighty bolt of rage.

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