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Race Leonin
Birthplace Mirrodin
The Moons of Mirrodin, The Fifth Dawn

Raksha was the kha, or leader, of the leonin tribe of Mirrodin.[1] He was a childhood "friend" of Slobad, who was used as his training partner (but more often than not he served as a punching bag). Raksha often wore the 'Mask of Suns', a Leonin battle artifact fashioned by the first kha and most legendary of Leonin, Dakan, and said to contain his strength and cunning.[2]

Like Glissa, Raksha was attacked by Memnarch's minions to check if he had the planeswalker's spark. During the fight, his beloved was killed.

After Memnarch's defeat, he was sent back to his own native plane, which is still unknown.[3]

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