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Race Dragon engine
Birthplace Phyrexia
Lifetime Born before -5000 AR till ~360 years ago
The Thran, Mercadian Masques, Planeshift, Apocalypse, Scourge.

Ramos was a mysterious dragon engine on Mercadia that was important to many of that world's religions, particularly that of the Cho-Arrim.[1][2]


Many myths had evolved amongst the people of Mercadia regarding his origins; but, according to Ramos himself, he had originally been in the service of Mishra during the Brothers' War, but had been captured and reprogrammed by Urza to protect people of Terisiare, in case they were wiped out in the conflict. Urza later confirmed this story.

During the Sylex Blast, Ramos gathered up a number of humans and merfolk from around Argoth and planeshifted to Phyrexia, his home plane, and escaped through a portal (which would later exist on Rath) to Mercadia, where those races would be safe. Unfortunately, on his descent, he accidentally crashed into a Mercadian city, killing many people. However, the people that he had taken with him built up their own cities and over time came to venerate Ramos as their creator.

Millennia later, Weatherlight crash-landed on Mercadia after fleeing Rath. There, its crew encountered the various peoples that lived on the plane and learnt of the different myths surrounding Ramos. They discovered that the "Bones of Ramos", five powerstones that Ramos possessed that were protected by dryads, formed part of the Legacy. In order to recover them, several crewmen travelled to the Henge of Ramos to meet the supposed god. Upon reaching Ramos, he explained his true origins to the crew and granted them the powerstones containing his essence. During the Weatherlight's flight from Mercadia City, Ramos intercepted Volrath's ship, Recreant, and destroyed the vessel. A revolution was then triggered that swept the streets of Mercadia City.

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