In Magic: The Gathering, rarity determines how often a specific card is printed in any given set. As more copies of the card are printed, any given card becomes more common, and this rarity is depicted by the color of the set symbol on the middle right of the card.

  • Common cards have a black version picture. True to their name, these cards are common and are the most abundant cards in the game. Common cards house the highest number of vanilla creatures, but can be put to good use when applied to a competitive deck with a purpose. Don't hesitate to put a common into your deck over a rare if you feel like its effects or abilities will work better.
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  • Uncommon cards have a silver symbol and are slightly more rare than common cards. Uncommon cards tend to mix abilities and average Converted Mana Costs between common cards and more rare versions.
  • Rare cards have a gold symbol and tend to have more in-game effects (rather than keyword abilities) than more common cards. There is at least one in every pack except where it's replaced by a Mythic Rare
  • Mythic Rare cards have a shiny orange symbol and tend to have unusual, strong, and/or many effects. These are even rarer than rare cards, appearing about once every 15 packs.
  • Legendary cards refer to iconic cards in a given storyline.
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