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Cards referenced

The Tempest block is noteworthy for featuring a great amount of its story on cards. Below is a list of card relevant to each section of the anthology in the order they appear (note that many tales are told out of chronological order), as well as cards whose flavor text is quoted, and additionally cards that are contradicted by the book.

Sections to which no cards are relevant are omitted, and only cards printed in the four sets included in the anthology are listed. The card Volrath's Stronghold is also omitted due to being ubiquitous throughout the story.

Cards Referenced[]


A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Touchstone Vuel deactivated Karn using the Legacy artifact.
Master-of-Arms Gerrard enlisted in the Benalish military after deserting the Weatherlight.
Thran Tome Sisay discovered the Legacy artifact.
Ancestral Knowledge She studied the tome, learning more about the Weatherlight and of the plane Rath.
Abduction Sisay was kidnapped by Volrath to lure the Weatherlight to his Stronghold.

I: Weatherlight[]

Gerrard's Tale[]

Card Event Notes
Master-of-Arms Flavor text paraphrased by Gerrard, to Javero.
Null Rod Javero (and later Torsten) recalls Gerrard using it for a demonstration.

A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Thran Tome Gerrard found the Legacy artifact in the Weatherlight's hold.
Touchstone Using a spell from the Thran Tome, Gerrard removed its effect from Karn.

Tahngarth's Tale[]

Card Event Notes
Aboroth One awakens and pursues the Weatherlight. Flavor text paraphrased by Gerrard, to Tahngarth.
Llanowar Behemoth The elves use a machine of logs and vines to repel the aboroth.
Llanowar Druid The landing party is spotted as they enter the forest.
Thran Forge Gerrard uses the Legacy artifact to turn an aboroth metallic.
Touchstone With the Legacy artifact and a magic chant, Gerrard immobilizes the aboroth.

Ertai's Tale[]

Card Event Notes
Lotus Vale Ertai absentmindedly looks out the window of Barrin's office to here.
Pendrell Mists The landing party struggled through the "life-sapping" mists.
Mind Stone Hanna asks Ertai to identify the artifact, purportedly from a lost Icatian tomb.
Argivian Restoration Flavor text quoted by Hanna, to Ertai.
Null Rod Hanna asks Ertai to identify the artifact. He unintentionally does so correctly.
Abeyance Ertai casts this spell taught to him by Barrin to demonstrate his skill.
Chimeric Sphere Hanna attempts to control it with a Mind Stone, but Ertai's magic prevents it.
Cone of Flame Ertai casts this spell to further demonstrate his skill.
Aether Flash Ertai casts this spell to further demonstrate his skill.
Ertai's Familiar Ertai casts this final spell to further demonstrate his skill.
Fledgling Djinn Ertai claims to be able to summon one but does not mention the danger posed to him. Ertai simply states he "can summon a djinn." Likely refers to this.
Fog Elemental One attacks the group on top of the hill.

A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Desperate Gambit Maraxus made a final attempt to subdue Gerrard.
Debt of Loyalty Starke pledged his service to Gerrard after backstabbing Maraxus.

II: Tempest[]

Greven's Tale[]

Card Event Notes
Diabolic Edict Greven il-Vec kills his traitorous first mate Vhati il-Dal. Flavor text quoted by Greven, to Vhati.
Mogg Cannon Vhati fired on his commander in a doomed grab for power.
Sadistic Glee Greven wounded Gerrard in the face as he faltered from the shaking.
Capsize Another volley destroyed one of the Weatherlight's stabilizers.
Null Rod Moggs emerged from the hold, carrying the Legacy artifact.
No Quarter The goblins parted to allow Greven to approach Gerrard.
Invulnerability Moggs jumped aboard the Weatherlight from above.
Pacifism Greven saw Karn allow himself to be hauled aboard the Predator.

A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Tahngarth's Rage Tahngarth stowed away on the Predator by grabbing a rope.

Hanna's Tale[]

Card Event Notes
Sudden Impact Hanna remembers trying to grab Gerrard as he fell overboard.
Abandon Hope She painfully recalls seeing him fall to his presumed death.
Giant Strength Crovax frees the crewman Terrance from under a branch.
Skyshroud Forest Hanna notices the carpet of roots in place of the ground.
Mirri's Guile She struggles to keep pace with Mirri, who searches for clues of Gerrard's whereabouts.
Unstable Shapeshifter The duo is attacked by a mimic that nearly kills Mirri.
Gallantry Hanna defeats the monster, using a move she learned watching Mirri. Flavor text quoted.
Natural Spring They find a healing spring and pause for a moment, but feel they are being watched.
Skyshroud Elf Flavor text paraphrased by Eladamri, to the Oracle.
Insight Gerrard interrupts the argument between Eladamri and the Oracle. Flavor text paraphrased by Gerrard, to Eladamri.
Broken Fall He tells Hanna and Mirri what happened after falling off the Weatherlight. Flavor text quoted by Gerrard, to Hanna.
Stun Then he was attacked by merfolk but manages to break free.
Rootwater Shaman He flees, nearly being captured but finding the en-Vec procession.

A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Root Maze The Weatherlight was pinned down with vines by elves.
Respite Gerrard and Eladamri arrived to call off the latter's attack.
Erratic Portal Eladamri suggested it as an alternate way to escape Rath.

Starke's Tale[]

Card Event Notes
Reap Eladamri discusses a battle plan with Gerrard and Starke.
Erratic Portal Eladamri tells the two about an abandoned portal they might use.
Opportunist Starke fears the Oracle's scrutinizing looks throughout the night.
Duplicity He nearly murders the Oracle but is moved not to.
Honor Guard Flavor text referenced.
Rootwater Depths The Weatherlight sails over on its way to the portal. Not capitalized in the book.
Ancient Runes Ertai discovers the portal's runes "do not react well to random meddling."
Touchstone Starke gave the Legacy artifact to Vuel the night after his rite of passage.
Cinder Marsh The Weatherlight passes over the exhaust field of the Furnace.
Heart Sliver A sound of rushing blood fills the air, and the slivers emerge. Flavor text referenced.
Muscle Sliver Soon a second wave of bulky and toothed slivers assault the ship.
Barbed Sliver In almost no time spiked slivers drop from the ceiling.
Metallic Sliver Hanna hypothesizes that the artificial slivers control the swarm.
Disenchant She destroys two but has no effect on the others.
Armor Sliver Flavor text referenced.
Winged Sliver A fourth wave attacks, this time from the air.
Duct Crawler Starke recalled the giant insects in the Stronghold's vents.
Volrath's Dungeon He despaired that Takara had been imprisoned here by Volrath.
Abduction Finally he remembers his deal with Volrath for Takara's safety.

A Dark Room[]

Card Event Notes
Erratic Portal Before the Weatherlight left, Ertai and Orim investigated the portal.
Intuition Orim translated the ancient writing on it to learn how it might be opened. No note is made of this in Starke's Tale.
Soltari Emissary After the ship departed, Ertai was contacted by Lyna.
Field of Souls The Master tells of the war that the trapped Soltari and Dauthi still waged.
City of Traitors He points of the il city on a map of the Stronghold.
Furnace of Rath He then tells how Orim's account details emerging within the mountain Hub.
Death Pits of Rath According to her, the Weatherlight went through an oily, skeletal place. It is not known by name to the Weatherlight crew.

III: Stronghold[]

A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Furnace of Rath The Weatherlight entered after defeating the slivers.
Kindle One crew member was struck by lightning.
Havoc When Orim used white healing magic, the Furnace directed its anger at her.
Death Pits of Rath The ship arrived here after escaping the Furnace.
Carrionette Several animated skeletons attacked the crew.
Squee's Toy Squee, holding the Salvation Sphere, accidentally repelled the skeletons.
Leap Mirri killed a Stronghold guard who saw the Weatherlight docking.
Volrath's Gardens Gerrard told Hanna to rendezvous there if anything happened.
Amok The party caught up to Crovax, who was mutilating the shapeshifter's corpse.
Invasion Plans Shortly after, they found the models of Dominaria and the Predator.

Karn's Tale[]

Card Event Notes
Capsize Karn recalls the Weatherlight being crippled by the Predator.
Sudden Impact He also remembers Gerrard being thrown overboard.
Pacifism He thinks of accidentally killing a mogg and allowing himself to be captured.
Tahngarth's Rage Finally he recalls seeing Tahngarth boarding the Predator, later being captured.
Touchstone Karn later remembers inadvertently deactivating himself collecting the Legacy.
Torment Karn sees Tahngarth being tortured with a mutagenic ray of light.
Fit of Rage Flavor text quoted.

A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Torment Tahngarth and Karn were tortured in the Stronghold.
Invasion Plans The rescue party left the map room.
Ensnaring Bridge The only bridge to the prison tower tried to ensnare Gerrard.
Volrath's Laboratory At the top of the tower, the group arrived here.
Ransack They freed Sisay from a glass cylinder with some difficulty.
Volrath's Shapeshifter "Sisay" changed into an armored guard and fled.
Dream Halls The party searched for here, at Starke's suggestion.

Crovax's Tale[]

Card Event
Enfeeblement Orim recalls seeing Crovax raving at Selenia's betrayal.
Capsize The ship was knocked nearly sideways by a lightning attack.
Tahngarth's Fury She saw Tahngarth swinging away on a harpoon line.
Erratic Portal Later the Weatherlight traveled to the portal to investigate.
Intuition She and Ertai inspected the planar portal.
Cinder Marsh The crew later traveled over the Furnace's exhaust field.
Furnace of Rath Eventually they got through the Furnace itself.
Haunting Misery Crovax told Orim how his dead ancestors haunted him.
Leap Mirri killed a guard before he could alert the Stronghold.
Amok Crovax went into a frenzy when a shapeshifter took Selenia's form.
Invasion Plans Shortly after, the group arrived in the map room.
Torment They found and freed Tahngarth from his torture.
Volrath's Shapeshifter Later they found Sisay, who was a shapeshifter in disguise.
Dream Halls The party decided to make way to this part of the Stronghold.
Provoke Selenia descended on the group to kill Crovax, but Mirri saved him.
Death Stroke Crovax was able to kill Selenia and was taken victim by their curse.
Conviction Tahngarth brought Mirri and Crovax back to the Weatherlight.
Convalescence Orim tends to Mirri and Crovax in the infirmary.

IV: Exodus[]

A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Sift Karn detected the Legacy nearby.
Conviction Tahngarth carried both Mirri and Crovax back to the Weatherlight.

Weatherlight's Tale[]

Card Event Notes
Erratic Portal Lyna arrives to inform Hanna that she must depart. Flavor text referenced.
Soltari Emissary She tells how she struck a bargain with Ertai.
Torment Hanna sees Tahngarth, who he has been disfigured.
Conviction He carries the injured Mirri and Crovax in his arms.
Skyshaper Karn arrives, carrying this and the rest of the Legacy.
Change of Heart He explains that he retrieved the artifacts from the Sliver Queen.
Cataclysm Hanna orders the Weatherlight speed up and drag the Predator.
Thopter Squadron Ornithopters are launched from the Predator.
Goblin Bomb Each of the ornithopters carries a destructive payload.
Volrath's Gardens The Weatherlight approaches the rendezvous location.
Onslaught Tahngarth hijacks the remaining flying machine.

A Dark Room[]

Card Event
Volrath's Gardens Gerrard and Starke passed through on their way to find Sisay.
Dream Halls The duo arrived outside their destination.
Shifting Wall Gerrard climbed the tower to the only entrance at the top.
Contempt Starke backstabbed Volrath, who simply batted him aside.
Reins of Power Sisay and Takara, controlled by Volrath, attack Gerrard.
Heat of Battle Takara, controlled by Volrath, blinded her father Starke.
Smite Gerrard managed to land a killing blow on Volrath.
Scapegoat The body of Volrath dissolved, revealing it to be a shapeshifter.

Mirri's Tale[]

Card Event
Volrath's Gardens Mirri and Crovax land here after falling off the Weatherlight.
Slaughter The two fight and Crovax overpowers and soon kills Mirri.
Hesitate Gerrard sees Mirri in distress and must choose her or the Legacy.


Card Event
Dream Halls Gerrard saw Crovax heading back to that place.
Skyshaper He ordered Hanna to use the Legacy artifact to speed up the ship.
Aether Tide Below he could see the Soltari emigrating through the portal.
Erratic Portal The Weatherlight careens through the portal to Mercadia.
Mind over Matter Lyna remarks to Urza that the portal closed just in time.

Explicit contradictions between novel and cards[]

Listed below are cards depicting events that are explicitly contradicted in the book. Cards depicting events that were not highlighted but still plausibly may have happened are not included.

Card Chapter Difference
Elvish Fury Hanna's Tale At no point did Hanna and Mirri fight the elves.
Repentance Greven's Tale Vhati makes no excuse for his treachery.
Havoc A Dark Room (7) Hanna affixed the lightning rod, not Orim.
Invasion Plans A Dark Room (7) Gerrard, as a traveler, recognized the map of Dominaria immediately.
Megrim Crovax's Tale Crovax acts calmly about maiming the shapeshifter afterward.
Thopter Squadron Weatherlight's Tale Only two ornithopters are launched from the Predator.
Seismic Assault Weatherlight's Tale At no point was the Weatherlight attacked by flowstone.
Curiosity Mirri's Tale Crovax provoked Mirri instead of passing by her. Mirri did not want to rest.