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The Kor, Vec, and Dal were tribes living on Rath. They were all unwitting subjects for the Evincar's experiments. Each of the tribes lent their name to the Korvecdal. The three races were physically different but shared a common culture that had been formed in the centuries they had been exiled on Rath. The Vec and Dal tribes were humans, while the Kor were a separate race.

Those among the tribes who sided with the Evincar of Rath were labeled with the il prefix and those who opposed the Evincar received the en prefix. For example: Greven il-Vec.


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The Kor are a human-like race that originated on Zendikar before being trapped on Rath. They have bluish-white skin, slightly elongated skulls, and small barbels hanging from their chins. The Kor that served the Evincars of Rath were known as the il-Kor, while the ones that opposed them the en-Kor.


The Vec were a human tribe, possibly from Dominaria, who were trapped on the plane of Rath by the will of Volrath. They were divided into two groups: the en-Vec, who remained independent, and the il-Vec, who defected to Volrath's service.

The en-Vec were a semi-nomadic people who lived in small townships made up of thatch-roofed wooden buildings on the plains. They were fair of skin with dark hair, and often wore loose clothes and head-wraps. Spiritually devout, their culture centered around their priesthood and their oracles, and they built elaborate tombs for their dead. They had a strong military tradition motivated by religion. Their warriors were best known for using a curved blade attached to a long chain as a weapon, which they called a toten-vec or lashknife. The most skilled wielders were given the title Liin, meaning "striking viper". It is unknown how long their people lived on Rath, but it was evidently long enough to develop a system of myths about their new home. The en-Vec united with the other peoples of Rath in resisting Volrath. After the Rathi Overlay, the en-Vec presumably adapted to life on Dominaria free from Volrath's grip and may still exist in the present.

The il-Vec were traitors to their people who joined Volrath's forces. Rogues and opportunists, the il-Vec also produced a number of fire mages due to their close proximity to Volrath's furnaces. After the Overlay event, many of the inhabitants of the City of Traitors, located at the heart of the Stronghold, were trapped in the shadow-world between worlds.

Notable en-Vec[]

Notable il-Vec[]


The Dal were a human tribe of warriors and wizards, the only one of the Rathi tribes to live in permanent settlements, which were often destroyed by flowstone or more direct attacks. Dal of both sexes were known for their long, braided hair, frequently of brown or reddish-brown color; Dal men typically wore their beards the same way. Like the other tribes, there were both the en-Dal, faithful to the tribe, and the il-Dal, traitors who served the evincar of Rath.

The Dal were transferred to Dominaria during the overlay. The en-Dal presumably retained their lifestyle, but after the Invasion, many of the il-Dal lived among the ruins of the Stronghold as shadow creatures, seeking the books of their traitorous ancestors to learn how to escape their half-existence. Some of the en-Dal somehow became spiritual beings as well, living as shadows willing and capable of bestowing their ability upon others.

The Weaver King, a psychic vampire and manipulator, adversary of Teferi, Lord Windgrace, and Freyalise, was once a man named Oleg il-Dal.

Notable en-Dal[]

  • Takara en-Dal
  • Aniyeh en-Dal (mother of Takara)

Notable il-Dal[]

Skyshroud Humans[]

Some humans lived in Skyshroud Forest as druids or hunters. They may have been Vec or Dal, or perhaps a mix of both.