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Raugrin is one of the triomes on the plane of Ikoria. It is primarily red-aligned, with white and blue as secondary colors.[1]


Raugrin is a rim of volcanic peaks, white-sand beaches, and lava-dripping cliffs that runs along the coast. The region is separated from the rest of the continent by the Ongra mountain range. The sanctuary of Lavabrink is built in the mountains between a volcanic shelf and Kauld, the lake of lava.

Raugrin's bright white beaches stretch for hundreds of miles, and the coastline is constantly growing: lava flow from the Ongra mountains spills into the sea, creating igneous jetties and slowly extending the land's reach. The Jal Korcha, or "terror road," winds for thousands of miles from Lavabrink in the southwest, through the Ongra range, along the shore of Attayal, and to Drannith on the great Egali plain. The Raugrin stretch of the Jal Korcha is lined with alarm crystals that warn of the approach of dinosaurs and other monster threats. It is said the volcano Charrog is the highest point of elevation in the world: the zenith of the Ongra mountain range. Dinosaurs incubate their eggs in nests along Charrog's scorching slopes.

The vegetation in Raugrin is dull, but that only makes the towering crystal structures that dot the triome gleam brighter.[2]

Dominant clade[]

The dinosaur clade of monsters embody all the violence and fury of molten rock. They hunt without subtlety or discrimination, eating anything that moves and demolishing anything that stands between them and a meal. They eat carrion if they have to, but they usually prefer prey that struggles and wriggles going down.

Ikorian dinosaurs are tougher and more reptilian than those found on other planes, like Ixalan. They have scaly skin often covered in spikes, horns, and rock-hard plating. Many are bipedal and have thick muscular tails they can use to bludgeon combatants. Winged and aquatic dinosaurs are also common, though they all seem to share the same belligerent attitude.

Raugrin's apex monster is Vadrok.


  • The Ongra mountains range, which separates Raugrin from the continent
    • The Shroka Peaks, a strand of tall rocky columns where lies Vadrok's nest[3]
    • The volcano Charrog, highest mountain on the plane
    • Kauld, the lake of lava
      • Lavabrink, a city built between Kauld and a volcanic shelf
  • The Jal Korcha or "terror road", which connects the cities of Drannith and Lavabrink

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