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Race Human
Birthplace Tolaria, Dominaria
Lifetime ~3385-4205 AR
Bloodlines, Prophecy

Rayne of the Tolarian Academy on Dominaria was chancellor of the Tolarian Academy, the wife of Barrin, and mother of Hanna. She was killed by Greel during the Keldon invasion of Jamuraa.

Career at the Academy[]

Rayne was brought to the Tolarian Academy as part of a small group of newly accepted scholars, despite being over the usual age limit for admission. She immediately caught the attention of her future husband Barrin. Rapidly rising through the ranks to a position as tutor, she eventually gained appointment to chancellor. At this level, she often performed as head of the academy while Urza or Barrin were away and was known to oppose Urza's plans despite Barrin's steadfast support.


Rayne felt obligated to participate in the Prophecy War after many of her students were sent to assist in battle, despite her husband's fears of possible casualty. After leading several successful missions alongside Jolrael, she wandered from the group on horse and was thrown off by a nearby explosion. Battered and broken, she was unable to defend herself against the mutant warrior Greel, who swiftly ended her life.

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