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Reality Chip
The Reality Chip.jpg
Origin Kamigawa
Creator Tezzeret, Saiba Futurists, Tameshi
User The Wanderer, Tamiyo, Jin-Gitaxias
Status Moved to New Phyrexia

The Reality Chip is an illegal bio-enhancement artifact from Kamigawa that influences the physics of reality.


It is made of metal, thin and square, and no bigger than the palm of a hand, with wire-like arms reaching out of it like a Jellyfish. It may be dangerous not just to Kamigawa, but to multiple planes.[1] The Reality Chip seems to augment power that is already there, such as the Wanderer's spark.[2]

The essences of multiple kami were sacrificed in the creation of the Chip.[1] The planeswalker Tezzeret can manipulate the Reality Chip from a short distance.[2]


The Reality Chip attached to the Wanderer's hand

The Reality Chip was developed by Tezzeret with help from the Saiba Futurists.[3] Tezzeret unsuccessfully attempted to control the kami Kyodai with a prototype Reality Chip.[1] The Chip ignited the Emperor's planeswalker's spark but left it unstable, causing the irregularities with her planeswalking ability.

The Kamigawan planeswalker Kaito Shizuki found a blueprint of the device in his friend Tameshi's office.[3] When he found out about its history, he argued that the device could also stabilize the Wanderer's spark.[1] Another native Kamigawan planeswalker, Tamiyo, agreed to help him. Kaito found the Chip in Tameshi's Laboratory, but was immediately attacked by the Phyrexian Jin-Gitaxias and Tezzeret's Reckoners. He was saved by Tamiyo and the returned Wanderer.

The Wanderer attached the Reality Chip to her hand and it helped to stabilize her spark for a while.[4] In an instant, the panel flashed with light, and the wires fused to her flesh like veins pulsing with energy. However, it also provided her with grueling visions of Jin-Gitaxias. In attempt to destroy the machine in Tameshi's laboratory that was connected to the Chip, Tamiyo and Kaito walked into a trap set up by Tezzeret and Jin-Gitaxias.

However, the Emperor saw this trap being sprung, and so intervened, saving Kaito and Tamiyo. They also captured Tezzeret in the process, knocking him unconscious. To quickly return to Eiganjo Castle, the Emperor gave Tamiyo the Reality Chip to amplify her telekinetic power, so that she could hotwire a nearby flying mech.[2] Tezzeret awoke as they arrived, though, and caused the mech to crash. He then kidnapped Tamiyo and traveled back to New Phyrexia using the Planar Bridge.

Once there, the Reality Chip allowed Jin-Gitaxias to compleat Tamiyo as the first Phyrexian planeswalker, a feat previously not possible due to the nature of planeswalker sparks.

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