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(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
51 cards
{W} 84.3% {U} 2% {B} 11.8% {G} 2%
as of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
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Rebel is a creature class present on creature and tribal cards. Debuting in Mercadian Masques, the creature type was heavily featured as part of the Masques block [1] and later reappeared in the Time Spiral block. All Rebels are white or black permanents, except for Skyshroud Poacher (which is green) and the silver-bordered blue creature Alexander Clamilton.


Rebels are individuals or groups of individuals that resist an authority, including by use of violence. More often than not, they are motivated by their dedication to a cause and their devotion to fellow rebels. Some rebels may fight against oppression or, more fundamentally, for survival. Others, however, may be idealists who crusade for a noble and righteous cause, while others may yet be underhanded troublemakers striving to undermine legitimate authorities.


Like many creatures of the Mercenary creature type, most Rebels have the ability to "recruit" other Rebels (i.e., allowing a player to search their library and putting a Rebel card from it onto the battlefield). Due to their infectious enthusiasm, Rebels can recruit creatures more powerful (that is, with a higher casting cost) than they are.

Unlikely to return[]

Though Aether Revolt featured an uprising, R&D chose not to use the creature class to avoid 'creature type creep'.[2][3]

Rebels are unlikely to return, because R&D has moved away from tutoring mechanics as they greatly reduce game variance.[4]

Notable Rebels[]


Notable Rebellions[]

Tribal type[]

Bound in Silence is a tribal Rebel card from Future Sight which can be fetched by any card that searches for Rebels.