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Rebranded cards are Magic multiverse versions of Universes Beyond cards. Scryfall dubbed these cards Universes Within.


Wizards of the Coast creates and prints in-multiverse versions of mechanically unique non-canon Secret Lair cards, approximately six months after their original release of the Secret Lair.[1] These become available as part of The List, and are findable in Set Boosters for as long as players are still interested in opening them.

The non-canon cards and the canon cards will be considered as equivalent game pieces, meaning you can only play up to four copies total of the Magic version and Universes Beyond version combined in your deck. The Information below the text box has the special SLX set code and the SLD card number that it equals to.[2][3] All rebranded cards have the same rarity as the original.

At their introduction, one in eight Set Boosters contained one of these cards, while another one in eight set boosters will contain a different card from the List.[4] According to Mark Heggen, R&D wants the in-world equivalents those to be around and people able to get their hands on them.[5] They are not meant to be the ‘chase objects’, 10 years from now, they want the "other-IP" ones "to be the cool ones that have a little bit more caché and are a bit more interesting to see" The in-world equivalents are the ones that are there for people who are just looking for the gameplay."[5]

Card list[]

Drop Card Rebranded The List of Notes
The Walking Dead[6]
Rick, Steadfast Leader TBA TBA
Daryl, Hunter of Walkers TBA
Glenn, the Voice of Calm TBA
Michonne, Ruthless Survivor TBA
Negan, the Cold-Blooded TBA
Lucille TBA
Stranger Things
Mind Flayer, the Shadow Arvinox, the Mind Flail Streets of New Capenna
are natives of
Chief Jim Hopper Sophina, Spearsage Deserter
Dustin, Gadget Genius Hargilde, Kindly Runechanter
Eleven, the Mage Cecily, Haunted Mage
Lucas, the Sharpshooter Bjorna, Nightfall Alchemist
Max, the Daredevil Elmar, Ulvenwald Informant
Mike, the Dungeon Master Othelm, Sigardian Outcast
Will the Wise Wernog, Rider's Chaplain
Hawkins National Laboratory /
The Upside Down[7]
Havengul Laboratory /
Havengul Mystery
Street Fighter
E. Honda, Sumo Champion TBA TBA
Ryu, World Warrior TBA
Ken, Burning Brawler TBA
Blanka, Ferocious Friend TBA
Chun-Li, Countless Kicks TBA
Dhalsim, Pliable Pacifist TBA
Guile, Sonic Soldier TBA
Zangief, the Red Cyclone TBA